When it comes to telling stories, Christian media does well to tell the truest ones in the truest ways possible. After all, we believe all of our stories somehow reinforce the story about truth himself, Jesus. With this in mind, Christian films have sought not only to tell stories that are entertaining, but also those which are inspiring. In order to inspire audiences well, everyone knows a film must be willing to go deep into the places no one else will. For this reason, many films portray characters in an unrealistic world. A world without consequences and a world without any sort of disadvantages whatsoever. Yet every once and a while, a film comes along that demonstrates the truth of society in an entertaining and inspiring way. One of these films is Jimmy.

In the world of mental health, far too many topics are treated as taboos simply due to the fear that one may offend somebody else. The makers of Jimmy didn’t seem to have much of this trouble as they beautifully portrayed the life of a family with a son who has a mental handicap. Having acted out the role of Jimmy beautifully and respectfully, the actors and actresses were able to portray an amazing story of adventure and fun while still staying true to the most fundamental elements of storytelling. You’ll find yourself rooting for Jimmy in a most sincere and empathetic (rather than sympathetic) way as he goes through his life learning about God, family, and the importance of integrity.

You can find Jimmy online at Fishflix.com!