WWJD: What Would Jesus Do? - DVD ImageI’m pretty sure you have heard this expression before, many times actually. It’s a great way of thinking in fact, like thinking about what would Jesus do in every situation that comes our way or whenever we encounter someone. I think this Christian movie represents that way of thinking and makes the audience wonder the same question presented in the title of this film. This Christian movie is inspired by the book called “In His Steps” written by Charles Sheldon.

At the beginning of the Christian movie WWJD: What Would Jesus Do? We see Henry, a pastor from Raymond, California who is trying everything he can to help his church survive. Apart from his job as pastor which he loves and feels happy doing, he loves having the role of husband and father as well. All his life will soon change drastically. Soon his wife and son lose their lives tragically in a horrible car accident and pastor Henry is definitely devastated. Because of this tragic situation, he doesn’t know If he’ll be able to continue keeping the church afloat and he begins to doubt of his placement in that place and also doubts his ability to help keep the place alive. The members of his church begin to descend and his dream of being a great pastor began to slip away from his hands. Now he wonders if closing the church is what will be best and just move forward.

Now in WWJD: What Would Jesus Do? The bank is about to take the church when us the audience meets Alex York, a mayoral candidate who doesn’t seem very trustworthy. Alex York seems very successful and has a grandiose appearance. York has a different vision and many big plans for the town. For example, he plans on tearing down the church and build a casino right there in that area. But to accomplish that first he has to become mayor of the town so he can change the present law that declares that gambling is illegal. The main thing that is in the way of Alex York is the church and it seems that he will accomplish the plans he’s visualized. But soon a certain drifter arrives in town.

By seeing the vagabond that has arrived in town, the people of this Christian DVD reject him because of his outer appearance, in fact, many are even afraid to be near him. The people immediately think that the man will eventually hurt them and also quickly think he’s had quite a rough past as he’ll probably ask them for different stuff. Even though the people in this small town know that it is in their Christian ways to approach the man, offer him help and provide for his needs, they choose not to talk to him since he could be a threat and dangerous. But as this Christian movie continues the people of WWJD: What Would Jesus Do? Realize that they actually are called to help people like these, to serve him and help just like Jesus would’ve done if he were physically there.
The story of pastor Henry, the drifter, and Alex York are all intertwined in this Christian DVD. Will Alex York go through with his plans? Will pastor Henry recover and manage to get his church back? What will happen with the drifter? Will the people from town accept him and offer him help?

Quite frankly the lessons shared in this Christian movie are ones to learn from or at least be reminded of. That we can’t ignore someone or turn the other cheek when somebody is in need who looks different from what we’re used to seeing. Jesus didn’t look the physical, he looked all the people he encountered as humans in need and served them all, no matter what kind of past they had. He didn’t just encounter those with money or those considered to be “well” but those that were poor and sick. He helped them and treated them as they truly deserved. WWJD: What Would Jesus Do? calls us the audience to do the same as Jesus. A simple concept, sometimes quite difficult to execute but needed. What a great reminder this movie is! It’s very important to constantly be reminded of those four words What Would Jesus Do?

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