We recently conducted a poll on our home page at FishFlix.com asked people why they purchased Christian films.

Why Christian movies? 44% of people responded that they purchased Christian films because they are safer for their family. Clearly, safety is the foremost concern when parents are choosing media to make available to their children and themselves. This makes a lot of sense.

Imagine you’ve gone to a car dealership in order to purchase a car that you’ll be using to transport your spouse and two children. After shaking hands with the over-excited salesman, you start asking about a couple different automobiles. Now imagine approaching a car that seems to be affordable and convenient. When asking the car salesman about that car, he responds this way,

“Oh this car?! It’s great! Super fun to drive and extremely smooth. But you should know, it has a terrible safety rating. In fact, the majority of statistics about this car reflect that it’s prone to be hit by other drivers, often loses wheels while driving at high speeds, and has been linked back to a high amount of deaths. Aside from that, it’s a great car. Shall I start the paperwork?”

It probably wouldn’t be very long before you left that dealership. Why? Because the safety of your family is paramount to you. When their safety is not only in jeopardy but almost guaranteed to be sacrificed, you’ll naturally walk away.

So what about when movies come out and say underneath the rating the reasons that said rating was assigned? What about when a rating box contains a description like this, “strong crude sexual content including dialogue, graphic nudity and pervasive language” Should Christian parents allow their families to climb right in and hope they grow up safely?

Our poll has demonstrated that of all the things a parent wants for their child as they are growing up to be parents of their own is safety.

Christian bumper stickers do not make you a better driver, and a Christian T-shirt won’t be more modest than a “non-Christian” one. But when it comes to what our eyes are subjected to on a daily basis, Christian movies can serve a good purpose. They don’t seek to keep us in the dark about the pains and realities of the world, but they encourage us to be aware and wholeheartedly pursue the solutions.

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