What would you do if today, a stranger walked up and handed you $9 billion? Well, once you finally collected the remains of your jaw off of the floor, you’d probably try and say “thank you.” Now fast forward a little bit and picture this same occurrence happening every year regularly. (I know…WOW). Clearly, this is wishful thinking. But amid the bereavement of financial lack, some questions would begin to spark up eventually. The most paramount among them would be “What is it about me that causes them to throw so much money my way?” This is the question the American film industry should be asking itself.


Every year, over $9 billion is spent on movies in the United States. What is it about films that draw our attention so much? Why is “dinner and a movie” the default date idea? The obsession with movies in our culture sparks a lot of good questions. And the answer to all of them is found not in what individual films are about, but what film is all about, Story. We as humans are obsessed with stories. And we love movies because that is what they do, tell a story.


Good storytellers do not find stories, they are rather found by them. As Christians, we plant our lives on the writings of men who, thousands of years ago, found themselves caught up in stories. And now, our faith in Christ is founded upon what they’ve written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Now, thousands of years later, Christians are finding that humanity is still being caught by stories they must try to tell. Among all the stories being discovered, none is more inviting and crucial than the story that has caught every human being who has ever lived. That is the story of the world we live in. 100% of the people who have ever existed were born on planet Earth. Telling the story of our planet and discovering the true details about it has been the goal of educational Christian films and DVDs. Whether the educational information is regarding the specific physical details of our planet (like The Privileged PlanetĀ or Flight from Illustra Media) or zooms in on one or two specific time periods (such as The Bible Explorer Series from Bridgestone Multimedia Group), Christian educational DVDs have long been family-friendly films that keep one’s interest and inform audiences.

The overarching message of Christian educational DVDs is that we are all caught up in a story that started before we were born and will not end with the end of our lives either. That is the message that science has been teaching us. It is the conclusion of every educational expose on great men and women, events, and places. The goal of educational Christian DVDs is motivated by the same fervor that inspires parents to send their children to school. Those who have lived in this story longer than us are constantly, and in many different ways, saying, “You must learn about what sort of story you have been dropped into.”

Good storytellers are what we are all destined to be, and the Christian educational DVDs available at fishflix.com are aimed at helping us learn as much about this wonderful story we are caught up in as possible.