Where was God might be a question that each of us has asked ourselves at one point or another in our lives, questioning His presence in certain unfamiliar or unfavorable circumstances. But very few of us have been put in a position so horrific and so destructive as those who were involved in the Moore, OK tornado May 20th, 2013.

Where was God is a movie entirely devoted to interviewing people and families that went through this EF5 tornado. Each person has a different scenario and situation that they were in during the storm and each have miracles to share and stories of hope that have come out of it.

It is unimaginable how one woman felt after it got to the point where she could not leave her home to go and get her son from school. Or for another woman who had her kids with her, but her husband could not go home to be with them. And for a man who watched as they unburied a boy from the school rubble, who he believed to be his son and later found out that it was…and he didn’t make it.

The details of what happened are so intense, but the details of what happened right after the storm and the weeks, months and even years to follow carry a separate type of intensity, one of intense love, gratitude, significance and outlook. Those interviewed have learned and discovered more than they would have or could have, having not gone through this event, even if it was something that seems so unfair.

One beautiful and ironic story that came from this is that one of the teachers who went through the worst of it, throwing her body over the bodies of children to take the hit in place of those little ones, thankfully lived to retell the story. But not only that, at the time this movie was being made, her and her husband were expecting their first child. The due date? May 20th, the exact date that the tornado hit. God has a unique way of bringing healing!

This same teacher has a special bond with one of the families interviewed in Where was God. This family learned from others that it was their son who was protected by this teacher. The family went immediately to visit her at the time while she was still recovering in the hospital and explain that they didn’t even need to say anything to each other, that they had an immediate bond with each other, a bond that they claim will last forever. The mother explains that there is nothing you can give or do for the person that saves your child’s life.

Where was God shows such terrible, unimaginable painful stories that are shared about this event, an event that one would think nobody should ever have to go through, but each of the persons interviewed has a new story to tell, a new life to live and have come to learn exactly where God was through all of this.