Throughout the previous three seasons of When Calls the Heart we’ve accompanied the Hope Valley residents through the ups and downs of life. We’ve seen them encounter new love, heartbreak, miracles, testing of faith, struggle, joy. And now in When Calls the Heart season 4 changes are coming to the town. Some of them are considered beneficial to the town and others are not accepted immediately with open arms. New people have arrived in Hope Valley which has made the town grow in many ways. Other than the town growing, each character in Hope Valley has grown and we’ve gotten to know them even more. Facing every moment with strength and grace.

This When Calls the Heart movie focuses on the arrival of Ray Wyatt from the National Pacific Railroad and announces that he’d like to bring the railroad to Hope Valley. Regarding Elizabeth & Jack, they both create separate baseball teams with each of them doing the job of coach. Elizabeth struggles to help and reassure a young boy with coming to terms with an injury. Also she helps young Robert to be truthful about a so-called Bear sighting. On the other hand, Jack is presented with a new job opportunity out in the Northern territories that force him to make a decision.

This movie begins with Abigail (played by Lori Loughlin) immersing herself in the role of mayor and taking her duty very seriously. Although suddenly everybody in town needs her to weigh in on their concerns which quite frankly is pretty overwhelming for Abigail as it’s her first time executing a mayoral role. Her strength, integrity, her desire to achieve justice for everyone and wisdom helps he throughout her execution of this new role. Ray Wyatt (played by Jeremy Guilbaut) from the National Pacific Railroad arrives in town in hope of including the town in a new route which he reassures that will be beneficial for Hope Valley and its local businesses. This has brought some controversy around the locals and now Abigail must decide what is the best thing for the town without overlooking the specific concerns of each individual from town. Now Bill is offered to lead the team that focuses on the railroad security. Back at the schoolhouse, Elizabeth is struggling to unite the kids from the settlement with her regular students Jack suggests a baseball game where both him and Elizabeth create their own teams and serve as coaches. Other than the game becoming a way to integrate the new children, it also brings all Hope Valley residents to enjoy the game .

Newcomer Cyrus Rivera (played by Spencer Drever)is fearful to play because of a previous injury but Elizabeth is set to help him overcome it. With her support, at the end he plays an essential role in the game.

They say a teacher’s work never stops, and for Elizabeth it’s true. Now she must encourage Robert to say the truth. After being left in charge of the rest of the students during recess, he has to make sure that after every student has to go back in the schoolhouse. Little Opal has still not gotten back in and Robert shouts about a bear sighting which makes her scream in terror and run right in the schoolhouse. Just what he wanted but it wasn’t the right way to do so.

Lee Coutler’s (played by Kavan Smith) saw mill manages to attain a very important contract due to the railroad’s profitability which brings him more work therefore he needs more working hands to help him with the demand. Rosemary (played by Pascale Hutton), now married to Lee is getting adjusted to married life and is also worried about her husband as he is working long hours. When it comes to Jack (played by Daniel Lissing) he is given a medal from Superintendent Collins for his work of protecting Hope Valley from the gang that originally was after Pastor Frank which is seen in Season 3.

Abigail is still handling town business and summons the town for a vote to accept or deny the railroad. Turns out there’s a tie which furthermore complicates things. Abigail is suddenly the one who must make the decision and break the tie. Concerning the railroad, Bill accepts the job to lead the railroad security team but later on discovers a fire in railroad territory which apparently seems to be arson.

This When Calls the Hear movie is full of lessons and shows how far the town has come. One of my favorite things to watch is seeing Abigail in her new job as mayor. Even though she’s definitely juggling with many things on her plate, a full-time mom, owner of Abigail’s cafe and mayor, she manages to do everything with grace and wisdom. A great example!

I completely recommend this DVD which is available for $12.99 and also the whole season is spectacular.

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