Calling all Hearties! Get ready to relive all of the magic from When Calls the Heart Season 3 with the release of the latest Collectors set of the entire Season 3! Experience all of the incredible episodes from When Calls the Heart Season 3 in this latest definitive release from the Hallmark Channel and award-winning director Michael Landon Jr. In this exciting continuation of When Calls the Heart, you will see the continuing story of Jack Thornton and Elizabeth Thatcher (played by Daniel Lissing and Erin Krakow) as they continue to fall in love and face new trials and situations in the little town of Hope Valley.

When Calls the Heart Season 3 contains some of the best episodes in the entire series, featuring episodes “It Begins with Heart”, “Troubled Hearts”, Heart of a Hero”, “Forever in My Heart”, and “Hearts in Question”. This amazing Season 3 Collectors Set contains 10 discs with hours of bonus features and more to keep you entertained and immerse you even more fully in the wonderful little world of Hope Valley.

If you’ve been a fan of the show or you’re just now diving into it, this ultimate collectors set of When Calls the Heart Season 3 is the best way to show you are a true heartie. When Calls the Heart has one of the greatest fan bases ever, and we love to see the excitement building around the release of season 3 and the upcoming anticipation of When Calls the Heart season 4 next year. This year has been a great one for hearties, as we’ve seen the release of When Calls the Heart season 3 as it originally aired on the hallmark channel, a number of single DVD releases, and now the entire Complete When Calls the Heart season 3 DVD set.

We at are honored and excited to continue bringing you all of the latest When Calls the Heart DVDs. The fan base has continued to grow with more and more viewers watching the show every year. There’s so much to love about When Calls the Heart and whether you’ve seen every episode or never even watched it before, we would highly recommend it. Not only does it contain wholesome values and family-friendly themes, it features the quaint town of hope valley and features some amazing on-screen chemistry between Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing, who play the lead couple Elizabeth Thatcher and Jack Thornton. The series also features other notable cast members like Lori Loughlin and Martin Cummins. This show has received incredible praise and has become noted for being one of the most watched shows on When Calls the Heart.

The When Calls the Heart Season 3 Collectors Set is releasing on October 11th, which means we’re only 2 and a half months away from the release of an entire season of When Calls the Heart! The anticipation is building and we can’t wait to bring you all the latest news on this new release along with a number of other When Calls the Heart products and episodes coming very soon. After the DVD collection releases, it’s only a number of months before the Hallmark Channel begins airing When Calls the Heart season 4, which means the WCTH anticipation can keep building among the Hearties fans!

When Calls the Heart has so much to love about it, from its tender moments and sweet romance, to its messages of hope and community which are all encompassed in a passionate message of friendship and love. When Calls the Heart is a series that has taken the world by storm and is continuing to inspire people who are looking for something wholesome and family-friendly to watch. It features pure and beautiful romance between Jack and Elizabeth and we know there are a number of exciting adventures for this couple in the very near future! Hearties, stay tuned for more details on this new release and on lots more exciting news about the future of When Calls the Heart!