When Calls the Heart – Season 2 Collector’s Edition

When Calls the Heart is a series that has impacted my life in such an amazing way. Each season brings powerful performances, praise-worthy storylines, and lessons that we all can learn or be reminded of. Each season also has its own charm and arc. In season 1 where it all began, we were discovering who Coal Valley was, its essence, its people, and its environment. Also we got to know these characters and watch them through their ups and downs.

Now in season 2 of When Calls the Heart we get to know where Elizabeth comes from and we meet her family. We come to meet her parents and her two sisters, plus, a handsome suitor. We begin season 2 noticing that Jack and Elizabeth have become closer and are more comfortable with each other. When Elizabeth receives notice that her mother has taken ill, she decides to go back home in Hamilton for a while and Jack decides to go with her and make sure she arrives safely. When they arrive, Jack quickly starts understanding Elizabeth’s high-society life before she had headed to Coal Valley. He certainly does not feel 100% comfortable. There Elizabeth reconnects with her friend, Charles, which tends to confuse her feelings a bit. Concerning the mine disaster, with Bill’s help, an investigation was made and now the case was heading into court. The case was not looking so good for the people of Coal Valley until a surprise witness takes the stand and changes the whole verdict.

After the mine disaster case, he town’s name has been changed from Coal Valley to Hope Valley. In my opinion, a name that rather suits the town. Jack decides to build a church, a proper place for people to worship plus during the week it would serve as a schoolhouse for Elizabeth to teach in. A much better place than the saloon where originally she was teaching in. He gets some help from newcomer Lee Coulter, a businessman who grants him the lumber and plans to bring the lumber business to the town which means work for those struggling to find a job. Not only does Lee take an interest to the town for its availability for his saw mill but also because of the beautiful & talented actress Rosemary LeVeaux. The town’s mayor Henry Gowen offers Lee a chance to partner up and run the sawmill together but gets rejected. Not being used to being rejected, Gowen threatens Lee and the new business. Abigail, the owner of Abigail’s Café and an example to the town is confronted with the fact that Bill has not been honest with her after somebody close to him arrives in town.

When things get better in Hamilton, Elizabeth goes back to Hope Valley and her students. To her surprise, Jack shows the finished church to Elizabeth and it shows how hard him and the other men worked to build it. After being back, her conflicting feelings come back as Charles, her friend from Hamilton, arrives in Hope Valley to enter in business with Lee and the saw mill. Elizabeth knows it’s not just a coincidence that Charles arrives to town knowing that her parents and older sister Viola spoke aloud their want for her and Charles to get together. Both Jack and Charles clearly have a fight going on for Elizabeth’s affection but try their best to keep it hidden.

After an accident occurs in Hamilton regarding Elizabeth’s younger sister Julie and Jack’s brother Tom, Jack and Elizabeth head back to Hamilton and her family is not happy. This is another example of why Elizabeth’s parents don’t think Jack and his sibling belong anywhere near their daughters or their family. Elizabeth’s father, William, offers Jack a job in his company which makes Jack know that her family may never accept him and realizes fully that they’re from different worlds. Both Elizabeth and Jack return home with a tension that separates them but some events occur that make them think and realize how they truly feel in their hearts.

Season 2 has caused mixed feelings among fans. Personally it’s not my all-time favorite season but I really enjoy it. I think it was very important to show where Elizabeth comes from. To meet her family and see how she lived before heading to the town of Coal Valley (now Hope Valley). To me it’s a testament of how far this character has come.

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