when calls the heart season 2 boxed set - DVD ImageWhen Calls the Heart has been a huge success to the Hallmark Channel not only because of the story but because it’s adding positivity and good values to television. If you’re not familiar with this series I’ll tell you what it’s about.
First, this series is inspired by the book series of the same name written by Best-Selling author Janette Oke. When Calls the Heart is about a young woman, Elizabeth Thatcher, who embarks on a journey out West away from her life of privilege and stability to become a teacher in a little mining town called Coal Valley (now Hope Valley). There she encounters challenges and difficulties as she adjusts to her new life. Plus she meets different people who help her on her journey, especially a young Mountie named Jack Thornton.

Okay so in the Christian DVD When Calls the Heart Season 2 , Elizabeth and Jack have declared their interest for each other but this season specifically challenges their lives and their love for one another. In this season Elizabeth receives a telegram from her previous home in Hamilton and is informed that her mother is very sick and her family wants her there. Jack decides to escort Elizabeth home but Hamilton is so different from who Jack is that occasionally he feels quite uncomfortable. There we meet Jack’s brother Tom, who doesn’t always takes things seriously. We also meet Charles Kensington, Elizabeth’s childhood friend, and previous suitor. But it is William, Elizabeth’s father who is sure that Charles is better suited for his daughter than Jack. This may or may not cause some tension among the family and among her and Jack.
Later on in this Christian DVD of  When Calls the Heart Season 2, Jack has to go back to Coal Valley and return to his duties but his relationship with Elizabeth is not in a good place. As she stays with her family for some additional time which means more time with Charles.

when calls the heart season 2 boxed set - DVD Image

Now let’s see what’s happening in Coal Valley. Rosemary from When Calls the Heart Season 2 has been offered a role in a play in San Francisco, for sure she chooses to take it and plans to leave with two producers soon. But these men weren’t real producers and Jack hears about this. He races off to see if he can catch them in time and rescue Rosemary. Soon Elizabeth returns home to Hope Valley and takes the challenge to look after two of her students and their homestead while their father is away. This turns out to be more difficult than she thought it would be but Jack constantly offers her help. In town, Bill Avery has a mission to solve a counterfeiting case and finds some leads but surprisingly those leads point him to Hope Valley. Strange, right? Maybe something to do with the town’s mayor, Henry Gowen? Jack offers to help him uncover the case but Bill surprisingly declines the offer.
Also, Elizabeth is surprised to see that Charles is visiting the town and Jack is not entirely amused.

Later on in the Christian DVD When Calls the Heart Season 2, Jack and Elizabeth get word that Julie, Elizabeth sister and Tom, Jack’s brother have been involved in an automobile accident. So both Jack and Elizabeth go back to Hamilton to see how their siblings are doing. Julie is heartbroken and worried since Tom is the one who suffered more injuries. But both of them are hiding something from the incident which causes some strain between both families and puts them at odds which means that Jack and Elizabeth are disagreeing as well. After Tom is better things get furthermore complicated as Tom and Julie decide to run off together by train and start a life together. Also to add to the fire, William, Elizabeth’s father, offers Jack a job to work for him at his company but all he’s trying to do is to make Jack somewhere worthy of his daughter. Many complications surround these two and their future together is uncertain. Maybe they are too different, or are they truly?
What will happen between Julie and Tom? Will Jack accept William’s job offer?

You’ll have to find out by watching the Christian DVD of When Calls the Heart Season 2. You can find it available at the Fishflix store!

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