When Calls the Heart Rules of EngagementWhen Calls the Heart: Rules of Engagement DVD presents the last two episodes of Season 1 as a movie and for me it’s two of my favorite episodes from the whole series. It’s where we have an update on the ongoing case regarding the 46 men that lost their lives in the town’s mine. Also for all those romance lovers like me, what happens with Jack and Elizabeth. Throughout the season they had some pretty great moments and all of them were making the path for these last two episodes. Before I mention some more about this When Calls the Heart DVD I have to mention what this movie focuses on. In When Calls the Heart: Rules of Engagement a mystery woman arrives in Coal Valley affecting Jack and Elizabeth’s growing relationship. And with the tension running high all over town, Abigail, Jack and Elizabeth have to make decisions that will redirect their lives.

To update you on what’s been going on in Coal Valley up to this point, Abigail wants to resolve the mystery regarding the men who died in the mine a few months back. Elizabeth has connected with her students and has somewhat adapted to life in the frontier. Also, Jack and Elizabeth have come to realize their likeness for each other and things are progressing between them.

After saying goodbye to her sister and putting her on a stagecoach, Elizabeth meets the outgoing, larger-than-life Rosemary Leveaux. There she shockingly discovers that Rosemary and Jack share a past and wishes to take him back. Just when Elizabeth thought things were moving forward between her and Jack things seemed to be taking some steps back. Immediately people in the town gather a liking to the theatre actress from New York City but Elizabeth has her reserves.

Also arriving in town is inspector Bill Avery, an investigator trying to see what really happened when the mine explosion occurred that took the lives of so many men. At this point mayor, Gowen and the Northern Pacific Mining Company are definitely suspects. Seeing Mr. Avery in town is not good news to Henry Gowen as he believes him and his company are innocent. He will try anything he can to dismiss this case and take down anyone who steps in front of him. This causes great tension in the town, specifically in Abigail who lost both her husband and son in the explosion. She intends to seek justice and have the case resolved.

Rosemary works hard to get Jack’s attention and does all she can to prove that they should go back to what they once had. This has definitely saddened Elizabeth so when an offer to teach in a prestigious school back home is given to her she ends up considering it, not really knowing what is the correct thing to do. On a lighter note, some plans have been made to build a proper schoolhouse/church for the people of the town. Since the original church had burned down, the town was eager to have a place to worship and a proper place where kids could go to take class and learn. But since many of the women in town are widows, finding money for the building process seemed impossible. The project seemed to go on hold but an anonymous donor places the money to have it built. To me, it’s a huge step forward for the town as they come out of the horrible situation they were going through at that moment.

By Elizabeth’s petition, Jack has to think about what he really wants to do, to pursue a relationship with Elizabeth or go back to the woman he once knew. And it is shown that it’s not a decision that he takes lightly.

Okay, I don’t want to spoil it all away so If you’d like to know what Jack’s decision ultimately is and what progress occurs with the case regarding the mine explosion I recommend for you to get this DVD. When Calls the Heart I such a special series and one you can definitely watch with your family and friends. Be sure that it represents correct morals and values that many people today have somewhat forgotten. It’s a beautiful thing to see in television. I’ve grown to love these characters and I always look forward to see how they grow and where their storyline takes each of them.

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