Hearts in Question - DVD ImageThis is another great movie from the successful series of the Hallmark Channel! Season 3 has some really great moments and It’s personally one of my favorite seasons of all the series. The characters have changed and the town of Hope Valley is growing as new people arrive in town.

A lot of things are happening in When Calls the Heart: Hearts in Question. For example, Lee and Rosemary’s wedding is very near which is causing some tension, Jack receives a mysterious visitor who makes him think about his relationship with Elizabeth. Hearts are put to the test and lessons are needed to be learned from.

Now, let’s get into some specifics about this Christian movie. All of Hope Valley seems to be preparing for Lee and Rosemary’s upcoming wedding. It seems like it’s the wedding everybody has been looking forward to and everyone has pitched in even though Rosemary tends to be extremely picky about what she wants. It’s her wedding and she wants it to be perfect and considered the most beautiful. Lee, on the other hand, is fine with a simple wedding but seeing how excited Rosemary is, he lets her go crazy with preparations.
Mountie Jack is at his office late at night, there’s a storm outside and all of a sudden there’s a knock on the door. When I watched this for the first time I was definitely intrigued as to who was this figure appearing late at night at Jack’s office! The person at the door removes her hat and low and behold it’s Jack’s mother, Charlotte. He is happily surprised since they hadn’t seen each other in a long while. The next day, Charlotte finally meets Elizabeth, the woman who has been of inspiration to her son. Elizabeth at first is quite taken aback since she was not at all prepared to meet her future mother-in-law. But now that she’s there in front of her, Elizabeth wants to make a good impression and make Charlotte feel at home so Elizabeth invites her to dinner alongside Jack. Charlotte wanting to know more about Elizabeth agrees but Jack is somewhat fearful of what will happen. The funny thing is that Charlotte actually ends up staying in Elizabeth’s home for a few days.Hearts in Question - DVD Image

Let’s go back to Lee and Rosemary for a moment. Now in this Christian movie, Lee and Rosemary are continuing their preparations for the wedding and that includes some premarital counseling with Pastor Frank Hogan. They have this special relationship that even though they know they are both different, they appreciate those differences in each other and they get along very well. At one point Pastor Frank mentions starts talking about having a family and there is suddenly a problem. Lee wants a family, he wants a large number of kids whereas Rosemary did not consider having children since she’s really not used to being around them. Frank leaves them to figure this out before continuing with the rest of the counseling. What will happen with these two, huh?

Continuing in When Calls the Heart: Hearts in Question, Nora, Bill’s ex-wife is still in town and Henry Gowen is not ready to give up on her. He is clear to her that she has to pick between him or Bill. Gowen is quite remorseful of some things he’s said and done in the past and desires to start over in a new place, away from Hope Valley and he wants her to join him. Nora has to decide and follow where her heart is leading her.

Like I mentioned earlier, Charlotte stays with Elizabeth and both women are very different. This Elizabeth notices quickly. Elizabeth grew up in high society and was used to some things and Charlotte grew up doing everything and more by herself. Even though Elizabeth has left the high society life for quite some time, Charlotte probably isn’t sure if Elizabeth is cut out for a life in the frontier but she loves her son so she really wants his happiness. She encourages him to make a formal commitment to her or find an end to it.

What will Jack do now? Will he propose soon or break it off? What will happen with Lee and Rosemary? Will they come to an agreement? You have to find out while watching this Christian DVD!

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