When Calls the Heart: Heart and Soul - DVD ImageThe specific Christian DVD is from season two and this season, in particular, comes with certain difficulties for our main characters Jack and Elizabeth. I think season two is really important because it gives us a certain backstory of Elizabeth Thatcher and it gives us a peek of where she comes from and the life that she used to live. Also, we get to meet her parents, her sisters, her childhood friends and the town that she grew up in Hamilton.

The Christian DVD When Calls the Heart: Heart and Soul tackles several stories, for example, Abigail learns staggering news about who Bill Avery is, Elizabeth and Jack struggle to understand each other and a con artist arrives in town.

So before this Christian DVD begins we know the Jack and Elizabeth have been in Hamilton because Elizabeth’s mom was ill and wanted to see her. And the specific movie we see that Jack returns home Rosemary greets him and finds it odd that Elizabeth isn’t with him. Also, the town has gone through a name change and since this specific moment, the town passes from being called Coal Valley to Hope Valley. The name fits the town, right? To me it does.
Now back in Hamilton, Elizabeth is focused on taking care of her mom and see her get better, this also means that she is spending more time with her childhood friend Charles. Of course, Elizabeth is set on him being just a friend but Charles seems to be interested in wanting something more than a friendship. During Elizabeth’s stay in Hamilton, we meet her sisters Julie and Viola. Julie is the youngest and is now jealous that Elizabeth has to suitors vying for her attention. But there is actually someone who has been pursuing Julie and it is, in fact, Jack’s younger brother Tom. And this actually worries Elizabeth since Tom has had a troubled past.

Later in this Christian DVD, we see how Abigail is doing really good and her business and Rosemary has actually been helping but it sometimes comes off as annoying as she constantly bombards Abigail from When Calls the Heart: Heart and Soul with questions. Also, a man arrives in town with his daughter and people from The town confuses him as the town’s new pastor and really his goal is to scheme people into ordering Bibles that he’s selling. He doesn’t plan to order the Bibles he just wants to get the money from people.
What has happened with Mr. Gowen you ask? Will right now he is dealing with the loss of the case regarding the mining accident that happened season one. So now he wants to do something else’s life and he tries to convince Lee Coulter, the head of the new mill, to let him be his consultant. But of course, Lee is aware of Gowen’s history and denies giving him the position.

In Hamilton, Charles is still set on women Elizabeth’s affections so he manages to get a doctor to help her mother. The doctor gives Mrs. Thatcher a medicine that really has promising effects on making her feel better. This is what Charles wanted in the first place, he wanted Elizabeth to be thankful to him and now Elizabeth agrees to go to dinner.
Now in Hope Valley, Abigail from When Calls the Heart: Heart and Soul receives a woman at the café and she asked Abigail about her involvement with Bill Avery. And yes Abigail is quite interested in Bill but she didn’t understand the reason why this woman is asking her these questions. Turns out that the woman says that her name is Nora Avery and that she is Bill’s wife. This comes as a surprise to Abigail and of course to us the audience because up to this point we didn’t know that Bill was even married. And now Bill is a shady character and we don’t know what was going on in Bill’s mind.
On the other hand, Gowen tries to blackmail the mayor with helping him with a plan that he has. So we see that Gowen is still the same and makes us wonder the reasons why Gowen does what he does.

Season two of When Calls the Heart is filled with many emotions and revelations so I completely recommend for you to Watch this serious and start with season one. I completely recommend the Christian DVD When Calls the Heart: Heart and Soul so make sure to purchase it.

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