When Calls the Heart ChristmasFor all you Christmas lovers and When Calls the Heart enthusiasts (like me) this is a movie, you do not want to miss out on. For me personally, It’s like the best of both worlds. To have a 2-hour episode of When Calls the Heart and for it to be Christmas themed makes a perfect combination. If you happen to read this article and don’t know what When Calls the Heart is, well I’ll try to explain shortly. Firstly When Calls the Heart is based on the successful Canadian West book series written by the amazing author extraordinaire Janette Oke. The television series aired by the Hallmark Channel is about Elizabeth Thatcher, a young aspiring teacher from a high society environment. She gets offered and accepts a teaching position out in the west in a mining town called Coal Valley. This small town has just suffered a mine explosion which has taken the lives of 46 men and as a result left many women as widows and children fatherless. Now Elizabeth has to adapt to a different way of life and help the children who have gone through this traumatic experience. This series has a stellar cast and has values and morals worthy of family viewing.

Now that I’ve told you a little bit about what When Calls the Heart is, let’s get into talking about the When Calls the Heart Christmas special. This movie is about how the town is preparing for Christmas and they meet a mysterious peddler. The peddler sells what he has to offer but he also teaches the people of Hope Valley valuable lessons about the importance of giving and how special it is to have joy.

Now that Rosemary is married and arriving soon from her honeymoon, Elizabeth is in charge of the Christmas committee, getting the town well decorated and ready for Christmas day festivities. Apart from decorating, Elizabeth and the others realize that since the town settlers have had difficult situations recently, the town should get together and make this Christmas extra special for them. Also, the men work hard in finish building and renovating the houses for the settlers. As Rosemary returns, Elizabeth finds out that Rosemary and Lee are going to be her neighbors, this sudden news takes Elizabeth back and is completely shocked. This scene, in particular, made me laugh out loud. Rosemary’s character as the seasons go by has definitely become one of my ultimate favorite characters from the show. She adds such humor and life to it. Plus her and Lee together take the humor to the next level. Later on a peddler named Sam arrives to town with his cart full of different things and begins helping different town members and giving them lessons with each object given. Sam gives back the Bible Pastor Frank had originally lost when in the penitentiary, helps some of Miss Thatcher’s students with valuable lessons in friendship, also makes Faith and Elizabeth develop a friendship and many other things. At one point as one of the houses set for the settlers causes some delay for all the houses to be ready in time for Christmas, Elizabeth starts to worry. Also Jack had invited Elizabeth to a Mountie Ball but due to the construction delay, both of them can’t make it. Sam continues to help the people of Hope Valley as Christmas day approaches and different activities are made. A Nativity show is put on by the children and the settlers enjoy a great Christmas. Also since Jack and Elizabeth couldn’t go to the formal Mountie Ball, Jack recreates the Mountie Ball in the saloon for both him and Elizabeth to enjoy and dance the night away. This right here is one of my favorite scenes as well as the episode wraps.

This When Calls the Heart Christmas special is beautiful and filled with great lessons about the importance of Christmas, the true meaning of this amazing holiday. This movie had various storylines going on which I loved and it really sets the tone for what is coming in the rest of the 4th season, as it was released a few months before the official premiere of season 4. Also, one of my favorite things to see in When Calls the Heart Christmas is the children. I always say that the kids cast in this series are very talented and great in portraying their characters.

Christmas is coming soon and what better way to get excited for the holidays than watching When Calls the Heart Christmas.

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