When Calls the Heart: Change of Heart - DVD ImageThis specific movie from the series When Calls the Heart from the Hallmark Channel is one of my favorites. If you don’t know what When Calls the Heart is, it’s a TV series inspired by the books from Janette Oke about a wealthy young woman who embarks on a new journey out West to become a teacher in a little town called Coal Valley. Apart from the complete season DVDs, When Calls the Heart has released several movies that each contains two episodes from the series. This one specifically contains episodes 9 and 10 from the first season. And these episodes are full of romance and action/adventures! I think it’s a great combo, don’t you think?

When Calls the Heart: Change of Heart takes us back to Coal Valley and Jack and Elizabeth are about to take a new step into their relationship. Also, trouble may be very close to the people of Coal Valley.

In the beginning of this sweet movie we see Elizabeth (played by Erin Krakow), who has now finished her lessons for the day and as her students make way to leave for their homes, she receives a delightful visit from Constable Jack Thornton (played by Daniel Lissing). After thinking about what his feeling entailed, Jack declares his official interest and love towards Elizabeth and invites her to dinner. He is somehow scared that she’ll decline but what worries him the most is not saying what he felt towards her so he’s proud of himself that he gathered the courage to do so. Elizabeth accepts his invitation and now Jack has to plan the special evening.
To help plan for this special night, Jack asks for Abigail’s (played by Lori Loughlin) help since this first dinner is quite a big deal. But before Jack can have this special night with Elizabeth, a stagecoach arrives in town and Mountie Patrick O’Reilly steps out. Alongside Constable O’Reilly, a young woman arrives into town who happens to be Elizabeth’s younger sister, Julie.

Julie loves romance, especially those from the romance novels and is immediately fascinated with the blooming romance between her sister and Constable Jack. Now she wants to know every detail of what transpires in their relationship and during their outings, especially the candlelight dinner they shared in Abigail’s Cafe. Now, what is the reason for Constable O’Reilly’s arrival into town? Well, he’s to replace Jack and become the town’s Constable. Upon his arrival in Coal Valley Jack had indeed requested a transfer since he wanted to be stationed in a place with more “adventure” but now he can’t find a reason to leave, the town is a special place to him now. Now he has to make a difficult decision. Although in the new placement he could have a more prominent position, his heart is already with Coal Valley in hopes for a future with Elizabeth.

The town of Coal Valley in When Calls the Heart: Change of Heart has been growing and progressing. Abigail’s Cafe has been successful but she is constantly bothered by Mr. Gowen, the town’s mayor, and her business partner. Even though that because of him is that her business is going, she doesn’t like to have the man as a partner. Also, there are a few links between his company and the mine explosion that took the lives of so many men in town.
Now let’s go back to Julie. She has stayed in Coal Valley for a few days and while out in the woods she sees an old wooden shack. Since she’s always been a very curious creature, she goes to see its inside and spots a young man who appears to be injured by a bullet wound. She does everything she can to bring him supplies and help him heal. He tells her a story of how he was obliged to a life of criminal activity but in fact, this is not true, he’s actually a member of a very famous gang. Now his wounds seem to be getting worse so she brings him in to town to get some medical attention.When Calls the Heart: Change of Heart – DVD Image

Jack has been struggling with how to tell Elizabeth about his transfer but he does so. She’s heartbroken but decides to support him, not letting him stay for her because she was scared he would resent her for it later on.
Now posters for the wanted gang member begin to circle town, Julie realizes that the man she has brought into town is dangerous.

What will happen next? I’ll let you discover that! You can find When Calls the Heart: Change of Heart in www.fishflix.com.

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