We are excited to share the latest Hallmark Channel news! When Calls the Heart will be continuing for a third season! After having such a successful second season, with over a million viewers per episode, Hallmark Channel decided to pursue 10 more episodes in addition to a two hour introduction to Season 3, which will premiere this holiday season!

With When Calls the Heart Season 2 leaving the captive audience with such a cliff hanger, it’s a huge relief to know that there will be a season three to keep us “Hearties” happy! Will Elizabeth choose Jack? Will she finally be willing to let go of her family’s fancy lifestyle? Will she go against the desires of her family to have her be with a man more suitable for the class she was raised in? Or will she play with the idea of being with Charles, a man who could offer her the lifestyle of beautiful dresses and dinner parties, which may put her at risk of losing Jack forever? Stay tuned for what is in store for this love triangle in Season 3!

Thankfully we will be able to not only watch more of our favorite characters from Season 2, we will be able to watch the same actors, too! Erin Krakow, Daniel Lissing and Lori Loughlin are all on board for season three! Hearties, who could ever play a better Jack and Elizabeth, right? 😉

Not all caught up yet? We’ve got you covered! We have full Season 1 DVD pack and Season 2 DVD pack available for order as well as those individual favorite episodes that you can watch over and over, gearing up for Season Three!

Who do you think Elizabeth will choose? What other surprises do you think are in store for us? Respond here or feel free to write a review on season one, season two or any of the episodes that you can find HERE. Let others know what you think!

We cannot wait for the two hour premiere this holiday season, and of course the start of Season Three in February 2016!