When Calls the Heart: A Telling Silence - dvd imageWhen calls the Heart continues to be a success on the Hallmark Channel as it’s currently headed to its fifth season. But before season five there was season one which is actually one of my personal favorites. Maybe because it’s the beginning and we get to meet these characters here for the first time but season one holds something special that makes it stand out from the rest of the seasons.

This Christian DVD continues season one’s story as Elizabeth Thatcher starts working with a little girl from her class who hasn’t spoken since her father’s death at the town’s mine explosion. Also, Constable Jack Thornton begins an investigation of a possible arson case.

The Christian DVD When Calls the Heart: A Telling Silence begins with the local Reverend sharing his sermon for the church but basically there are very little people in the room. The church place where everybody was used to going mysteriously burned down and there are no leads as to who did and it looks like his congregation is losing number. People are preferring to attend Sunday school being taught by local Cat Montgomery. This is upsetting to Rev. Anderson as he doesn’t want to lose his entire congregation so he goes to Constable Jack Thornton and asks him to investigate the church fire. Soon John heads to the where the fire had been and he discovers something unusual, she discovers some kind of can but he isn’t sure of what the can had inside. Jack investigates what the can had inside and took it to the local store and the clerk tells him that it contained whale oil. This thing is that whale oil is not very common at all by this time especially in Coal Valley.

Now in this Christian DVD, we head to Elizabeth who is encountering her own set of challenges at school. She has a student named Rosaleen who has been showing some troubled behavior. The little girl hasn’t spoken to anyone and refuses to do so. Also, something that Elizabeth notices is that whenever she sees Wendell Backus, a local alcoholic, Rosaleen just stands with fear. Immediately Elizabeth talks to Jack about what she’s noticed about Rosaleen’s behavior and her fear of Wendell Backus. Jack promises to talk to Wendell and see if he can find any information about why he may be causing that reaction in the little girl. But one day before just talk to Wendell Rosaleen suddenly disappears and Backus is a suspect. Jack confronts the man but he explains that the little girl had been scared of him because she once had refused to answer a question he asked. That moment as well Jack realizes that Wendell is filled with so much guilt and he depends on the drinking to ease his mind of feeling guilty of not being in The mine the day it exploded.

Now in the Christian movie When Calls the Heart: A Telling Silence there’s a search going on for Rosaleen. The Little girl’s mom, Molly, and the rest of the town come together to try to find the girl. Elizabeth goes back to school and sees if Rosaleen had left something to give her a clue of where she would’ve gone and she finds a drawing. The drawing was of Rosaleen herself inside the mine and immediately Elizabeth heads to the mine in hopes of finding her. Exactly as she thought, Rosaleen is inside the mine crying, holding onto a lunch pail. Moment little girl explains to her teacher that she always went to give her dad his lunch in that it was something of a tradition for both of them. And that the day of the explosion she was very involved playing and forgot to give him his lunch. She felt somewhat responsible for his death. Elizabeth takes the time to reassure her that it wasn’t her fault and that her dad really loved her so much. Little by little Elizabeth convinces Rosaleen to go back with her and she and her mom are reunited as everybody is glad that she’s safe.

Later on, Jack makes another shocking discovery regarding the church fire. It turns out that Cat Montgomery who has been giving the Sunday school has many cans of whale oil in her house so it immediately puts her as a suspect.

Now the question is, Did Cat really commit the crime?
You have to find out by purchasing the Christian DVD When Calls the Heart: A Telling Silence.

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