When Calls the Heart DVDLooking for a show to watch with your family? When Calls the Heart is it.

From a few years back till now, many Christian movies have become a part of the movie line-up in theaters everywhere and have become successful. Speaking into the hearts of movie-goers and inspiring them with each line and scene. These Christian movies and its filmmakers have taken the task to spread positive & faith-filled messages that are quite needed in this difficult time that we’re currently living in. Where morals and values have been set aside and negative messages have taken command.

Meanwhile in television, family-friendly content was becoming quite hard to find. Television viewers were craving to sit down with their families and watch a show that would speak life into them and display an environment filled with good life lessons and faith. In the beginning of 2014, the Hallmark Channel opened its doors to the 1 hour period drama series called When Calls the Heart inspired by author Janette Oke’s When Calls the Heart West Canadian book series. Suddenly there was a series on television that revolved around faith and hope, immediately making a stand in the television world.

To be more specific in what the show is about, When Calls the Heart presents us Elizabeth Thatcher, a young woman from a high-class society, who decides to pursue a teaching position at a small mining town named Coal Valley. It is 1910 and this small town has just gone through a tragedy, as 46 men have lost their lives in a mine explosion, leaving many women and children without their husbands and fathers. Elizabeth must learn to live without what she had grown up accustomed to plus teach and help the children placed in her hands. Also she’d like to prove to everyone back home that she can manage on her own and doesn’t need Constable Jack Thornton to look after her.

At the beginning of When Calls the Heart Season 1 we encounter Elizabeth Thatcher as a fish out of water while she experiences some hardships in Coal Valley for the first time, however, her faith in herself and strength from above made it somehow easier to adapt. Also helping her in this new journey is Abigail, a local widow who opens her house to Elizabeth. Abigail’s world has also been shaken due to her husband and son’s death at the mine disaster. Her unshakeable faith and strength throughout the season is an example to Elizabeth as it is to the whole town of Coal Valley. On the other hand, when Constable Jack Thornton is first presented to viewers he is disappointed that the post he wanted was denied. He wanted to be in a town with some action and risk, not a “sleepy town” like Coal Valley where very little ever happened. When he discovers Elizabeth’s father had orchestrated for him to stay in Coal Valley to look after his daughter, the Constable was everything but happy. Little did Elizabeth or Jack know that for both of them to be in the town at the same time was something beautiful bound to happen.

We can learn so much by the people of Coal Valley and what they represent. It also reminds us not to judge a book by its cover. At first Elizabeth and Jack were somewhat hesitant or worried of what their experience might be in this town but as seen in season 1 they start to realize what a gem it is and its people. I always say that this series is a light in the darkness and is a reminder to never forget those values and morals instilled in us and to apply them in our daily lives. To help our neighbor, to be united in community, to choose faith & hope always and most importantly to know that there is a God who is guiding our steps, who is working through us and wants the absolute best for us. Even though the series is set on a frontier town in 1910, in each episode we can find a different scenario that we can identify with.

From the hearts of Michael Landon Jr, Brian Bird and Brad Krevoy, When Calls the Heart is a win in my book and defies all the negative examples being shown in television today. As I’m writing this, the When Calls the Heart Complete Season 1 Boxed set is available for $24.99. Also individual DVD’s of Season 1 are available as well from just $5.00.

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