Wheel of Knowing” is a family, Christian DVD that gives a truthful example of how circumstances in life can really turn your life upside down. But it also shows that remaining faithful to God’s constant teaching will reveal more to you than you thought you could ever know.

Melanie (Melanie Baker), the faithful wife and mother, is stricken with grief when her own mother dies, and battles the idea of leaving her father (Frank Borgia) alone with his Alzheimer’s. She knows that her siblings have issues with her father, but she doesn’t understand how they could just abandon him. She decides to do the “right” thing and brings him into her home with her and her family.

This decision comes with more weight than she was prepared to handle. Not only did she have to learn todeal with handling her father with Alzheimer’s, but her husband (Michael Sewell) and children were being forced to learn too. What she didn’t realize was that having her priorities in what she thought to be the “right” order, came with huge consequences. While Melanie was preoccupied with her Dad, it left her husband feeling alone in the stress of his job, her teenage daughter alone in her struggles with peer pressure, and her young daughter alone dealing with an illness that “appeared” to be the flu.

Wheel of Knowing” is a very applicable DVD to the lives of so many people. It captures your emotions and your understanding as you see what this family is going through may not be far off from your very own. The acting is extremely well done and in conjunction with a very interesting story line, it has you following each character and event so intently that the DVD really captivates you.

God’s grace and teaching hand are so prevalent in this DVD. The perfect life seems to turn upside down very quickly even when doing all of the “right things”. But by His grace, he shows that we need to give everything to Him and allow Him to show us where we need to put our efforts. This DVD shows that He reveals to us and gives us more than we could have ever known.