Dove Family Foundation Approved family video shows the complexities and beauty of life in this light-hearted drama

TULSA, OK – Dealing with the complexities of life can difficult for anyone. In “Wheel of Knowing: a Story of Hope” releasing on DVD February 2nd, 2011, Melanie has what she thinks is the perfect life…perfect husband…perfect children…perfect friends…but that all begins to unravel when she becomes the caregiver for her Alzheimer’s inflicted father.
Melanie has life all figured out. She knows she can conquer any challenge as the perfect Christian wife and mother. Against the advice of her family, Melanie brings her Alzheimer’s inflicted father, Sam into her home. Although she’s certain she can help, Sam’s delusions and disruptions start to unravel Melanie’s “perfect” life.
In her attempt to reach Sam, Melanie fails to notice her own family falling apart. Caught between countless obstacles and Sam’s relentless needs, she begins to feel as lost as her father.

Stretched to the brink, Melanie must find a salvation that is beyond her own understanding. Something that might be locked in Sam’s broken mind. Something that must be revealed by God.”

Ministry – A Note From Michael Sewell, the Producer of “Wheel of Knowing”
Hi I’m Micheal Sewell, I wrote, co-produced and acted in” Wheel of Knowing.” This film is born out of life spent ministering to the Church and to seekers through the medium of drama. “Wheel of Knowing-A Story of Hope,” is the latest project requiring a step of faith. It was put together with a shoestring budget and the help of several small churches. Calvary Chapel Laguna Creek, Calvary Chapel Natomas, and Metro Calvary Roseville all came together with some great people from the Sacramento film community to make this project a reality. The story was inspired by my wife Jodi’s personal experience. In caring for an Alzheimer’s patient, she saw God miraculously reach him despite his dementia.

It is our prayer that this film will give hope and a voice to people who understand that the world is very complex, full of suffering and confusion, but that God’s love shines above it all in the salvation He brings through His Son, Jesus Christ. I believe Jesus when He said that “the truth will set you free”, and so I strive to be honest in my writing avoiding a contrived message or propaganda. “The Wheel of Knowing: a Story of Hope” is about perception, suffering, forgiveness, and God’s love. I pray it will be a blessing to the viewer and a message that will draw people to Jesus.

To see more from Michael, please watch this clip where Michael shares more about what drove him to produce this film:
Wheel of Knowing: a Story of Hope…will be available for the suggested retail price of $21.99.