What’s in the Bible? Volume 2 (Exodus) is the second installment to a three part series created by the creator of Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer. This series is geared towards kids but speaks to adults about the Biblical truth and uncovers what is involved in the Bible other than it’s text.

What’s in the Bible? is a powerful DVD that uncovers so many hidden truths about the Bible, that when put together, help you to understand the Bible quite a bit more significantly. What’s in the Bible? Volume 2 (Exodus) answers questions that children and adults may not even think to ask, but again, once explained, help make the words and context of the Bible that much clearer.

For example, someone may take the Bible and all of the books that are within it for granted. They may or may not wonder why these particular books are used to teach us about who God is and what He has planned for us. To answer this question and more, Phil Vischer and his characters break it down, all the way down to what the meaning of Patriarchs is, what salvation, redemption and sin are. He teaches how God used the Patriarchs, which ultimately led to the books of the Bible and which ultimately led to the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Let me go no further than this than to comment on how entertaining this DVD is! Phil Vischer is beyond talented in bringing so much humor and so much fun in explaining the hard stuff! Learning is made easy and enjoyable in these DVDs! The puppet characters, the songs, all of it, just too funny! Even Phil Vischer himself is seen quite a bit in these DVDs- someone has to maintain order!

Keep in mind that the characters are pretty consistent in each of the DVDs, which allows kids to relate and remember the content of the DVD. You’ll laugh at Buck Denver, the hilarious news reporter or as an adult, relate to the Sunday School Teacher and her clear cut answers!

Highly recommend watching What’s in the Bible? Volume 2 (Exodus) and the entire series, with your family. I can only assume that great discussion will follow!