When I was growing up, there seemed to be an unspoken agreement between my friends and I when it came to watching movies. We all silently ignored inappropriate content in films as long as they were funny.

Take a break from being awesome every now and then and eavesdrop on some young kids. More often than not, they’ll be laughing about a recent movie or TV show they watched. And more often than not, the humor they’re laughing about has something to do with sexually crude or perverted material. If that’s not enough, give a listen to the most popular comedians in the United States today. Sexually explicit and even grotesque material seems to always get the most laughs. I’m not here to tear down these comedians because often, they are using comedy as an outlet for what has happened to them in their lives. But at the same time, my friends and I have grown up. We still watch movies together often. And finally, we’ve become mature enough to sit down after watching a comedy to ask ourselves a couple important questions. Such as where do we draw the line? And is the laughter worth exposing oneself to all this other content as well? Answering honestly is more difficult than I thought.


So a movie I recently watched with some friends refers to real life awkward situations that are best overcome with humor. But there are some things comedy cannot help overcome. For example, a young person who’s been raped or molested cannot simply go about joking about what has happened to them expecting the laughter of audiences around them to heal their wounds. This may come across as obvious, but take a look at most comedy films and comic acts that come out these days and you’ll see that it’s not so obvious after all.

So, should we as Christians just turn our back on humor altogether? Not quite. It seems that we, too, have overlooked an obvious fact about humor the same way that many secular comedians have. It’s simple, but not stated often enough:

God invented laughter.

If you walked into a storehouse of mine and noticed that I was creating 6 billion unique and individualized greeting cards, I’d take a break from being awesome and tell you that I really like greeting cards. Well, take the number of people on the earth and you’ll find that there are just about that many different senses of humor, and God invented them all uniquely and individually. I think we’re safe to conclude that God himself has a sense of humor. So if we’re made to laugh, wouldn’t the guy who invented laughter know what would make us laugh the best? Definitely.

Enter, Tim Hawkins, A Christian comedian that has been the cause of several people peeing their pants without ever crossing the line from funny to unnecessary. Tim started doing comedy in 2002 and has traveled to hundreds of sold out shows. He has built a following of both Christians and non-Christians alike. His comedy has gone way beyond the unfunny Christian comedy of the past and has yet demonstrated real life situations without crossing the line into indecent material. One situation I’ve come to experience often in my life is brought to life perfectly by Tim in one of his acts, Have You Eaten? . Tim’s bio on his website says it best, “It is this ability to show the brokenness of our human nature and simultaneously marvel in its hilarity which makes Tim such a unique artist.”

As Christians, we should be laughing more than anybody else (Proverbs 31:25) because the creator of laughter lives inside of us. This will be made even more obvious to each one of us as we sit back and witness Tim Hawkins as he never takes a break from being awesome.