What Katy Did - DVD ImageThis Christian movie is great for all audiences but it is perfect for young girls to see and learn from. One of the things that I love about it is that Megan Follows stars in this movie. I have seen Megan Follows involved in other projects as an actress and as a director, she is excellent at both of them. She knows her craft and she can do any role amazingly. This Christian movie is based on the popular children’s book written by Susan Coolidge.

What Katy Did is about a young girl who is quite difficult to handle who is sometimes buy her widowed father and aunt but when an accident occurs causes to change this thirteen-year-old girl’s way of looking at life.

At the beginning of What Katy Did we meet Katy Carr. Katy has two brothers and three sisters and they all live with their widowed father in the town of Burnet. Since their dad is a doctor and quite busy, the kids are left on Aunt Izzie’s hands. Although she has a different style of parenting as she is very stern and has a different mindset on how the kids should be raised. Katy is very active and smart girl but she has a very hard time staying away from trouble. Although every time she gets into some kind of trouble she is always true remorse for which shows her character and heart. Also when she grows up she wants to do so many things artistically, she also wants to help people and be beautiful as well. A few years back Katy’s mother died and before then she promised her that she would take care of the kids. Even though sometimes she has a hard time not being mad at them but she is the big sister that leads them on different adventures and teaches them lessons to learn from.

One day their cousin Helen, who happens to be an invalid, comes to visit the kids and Katy from What Katy Did always admires her beauty and the way that she is. So Katy makes a promise that she is going to be like her cousin in the sense regarding her sweet behavior. But that promise falls short since the next day she wakes up in a horrible mood, she argues with her aunt and is so angry with her sister that she pushes her down the stairs. Angry at everyone Katy decides to go outside and jump on the swing near the woodshed even though Aunt Izzie had told her numerous times not to try it. But since her and didn’t explain the reason why she shouldn’t go on the swing, Katy goes anyway but the thing is that the swing wasn’t very well supported and it was unsafe. At that moment Katy from the Christian DVD What Katy Did, swings hard as she’s still angry and it breaks making her fall down and causing her lacerations in her spine.

Now Katy from the Christian DVD What Katy Did is in much pain and has to stay in bed. This makes her miserable since she was so active before and now she has to stay in her room is basically not do anything. Her brothers and sisters try to cheer her up but she doesn’t want to, Katy has become very depressed. Cousin Helen comes to visit again and even though she is an invalid she has a positive attitude towards life. She tries to explain to the girl that she can either stay depressed or have a new outlook and make the best of her current situation. Her talk with cousin Helen really helps Katy and makes her realize that she has made herself even more miserable by sinking deeper into her grief. So Katie decides to clean up her room, let the light back in and look at life differently. She becomes a new person as her siblings visit her and notice that she has new life inside of her. She has a cheerful and peaceful attitude that is very contagious.

Will Katy maintain her positive attitude? Or will she fall back to how she was before? Find out by purchasing the Christian movie What Katy Did which is available at the Fishflix store!

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