The title of this Christian DVD, “What If…”, is a question I would guess every single one of us has asked ourselves once if not several different times. What if I had chosen that job? What if I hadn’t stopped at the store that day? What if, what if?

As you watch this DVD you see the answer to this question for Ben Walker (Kevin Sorbo), and how a life lived in accordance to God’s will is the life best lived. Of course it may not always seem that way, as it hadn’t for Ben Walker. He walked away from his life with God and the girlfriend (Kristy Swanson) he had at the time, in exchange for money, fancy cars and a life dedicated to glorifying himself. At the time he couldn’t imagine a life better lived.

Lucky for Ben, an angel (John Ratzenberger) enters his life and gives him the opportunity to see where his life might have been had he not made some of the choices that he did. With a tremendous amount of push back and opposition, Ben was forced to abandon all that he had lived for in exchange for living a life serving Christ and serving his family- a family he had never known he wanted.

“What If…” is a perfect Christian DVD for teens and adults, those who have made life choices for God and for those who have not. It’s a DVD that brings hope and encouragement and brings light onto what is truly valuable and worth living for. After watching it you may be asking yourself that same question, what if?

Can you remember a time that you were at a cross road and weren’t sure which road to take? What did you do? What/who helped you through it?