What If - DVD ImageWhat If is about a man named Ben Walker. When he was young he accepted a business venture, left his home and girlfriend to go pursue it. Now 15 years have passed and Ben finds himself with a stellar career and a beautiful fiancée but when he’s visited by an angel named Mike, he is shown a bit of what his life would’ve been like if he had remained following the original plans set out for him.

At the beginning of What If we meet Ben Walker (played by Kevin Sorbo). At the moment he’s an investment banker who in fact receives a lot of money for his position. Now he’s managed to close a great deal which will indeed benefit him and a hope of a more prominent position in the company. This hope comes true. Ben receives the long-awaited promotion and all is well in his world. He owns one of the best luxury cars ever made, he has a trophy fiancée named Cynthia (played by Kristin Minter) and they both are soon embarking on a trip to Paris. Could life be more perfect?

This big lifestyle and expensive cars weren’t what he was before. Fifteen years back, Ben was on his way to begin classes at a Christian seminary and in a serious relationship with Wendy (played by Kristy Swanson), his then-girlfriend. A business offer was offered to Ben and he decided to take it. Originally he was supposed to be away for a few months but in spite of Wendy’s hopes, he didn’t return.

Now in his “perfect life”, the day before leaving for Paris with his fiancée, Ben’s expensive Mercedes breaks down in the middle of the road. A mechanic named Mike (played by John Ratzenberger) appears to Ben’s aid and mentions that he’s an angel. Mike mentions to Ben how sometimes God would permit a person to see how they’re life would’ve been if they had made different choices. In this moment Mike sends Ben into another place where he’s living the life he was originally supposed to live in his original hometown. A life where he’s married to Wendy, the girl he had left before to pursue business and he has two daughters. And an even bigger surprise to Ben is that he’s a pastor. This new life Ben is experiencing in What If is definitely the opposite of what he had been living so he immediately resists everything. Also, since he’s not really prepared to be a pastor his sermons are certainly not the best. Back at “home”, Ben is not really connecting with his older daughter named Kimberly (played by Debby Ryan). Because of the way he’s strangely acting, Wendy thinks he wants them to become separated which causes her continuous panic. At this point, Ben wants the life of luxury he had grown such accustomed to. Mike the angel mentions that God wasn’t going to take him back until he would surrender fully to the life he was in now, the one he was originally supposed to live.

This Christian movie has a very important theme which in fact we sometimes forget. That God since the beginning of Creation has a plan for each and every one of us. Quite frankly we have a choice to follow the path that He has set in front of us or choose what we think is best which is not necessarily what’s best. God has the bird’s eye view, he sees everything now and in the long run. Also, it reminds us that even though we might stray from the plan or the way He has mapped for us, God has grace. He can direct us to the path once again and help us get to that purpose he has set for us.

This Christian movie holds a very good story, one that is indeed family-friendly. It connects with us the viewers since at one point or another we’ve all asked the question of “What If” in different aspects of our lives be it regarding career or life. What if I had chosen this? What if I had done that?
So sit down with your family to take a journey with Ben, the main character of What If and see how this story turns out.
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