Every now and then, I sit down and ponder the way life has happened. It’s not very long before I ask myself the very mysterious “What If” questions. You know what I mean by “What If” questions. They typically go like this:

  • What if I had studied harder in that class?
  • What if I’d picked up extra hours at work?
  • What if I didn’t let my daughter/son go here/there….?

The options for What If questions are endless. Christian movies have long avoided the What If questions…until now.

What If,” the new faith-based film from Pure Flix Entertainment and Jenkins Entertainment goes against the grain of Christian cinema and still provides a family-friendly DVD that is both inspiring and encouraging.

Kevin Sorbo (Soul Surfer, Abel’s Field,) stars as Ben Walker, a successful business man who had left his life of ministry with his girlfriend Wendy 15 years prior. In midlife, however, Ben is reminded of the life he left behind when he meets an angel, (played by John Ratzenberger – Cliff from Cheers,) and is forced to answer the question, “What If?”

Families looking for a funny Christian Comedy that still has a great message about the importance of following God and loving your family will thoroughly benefit from and enjoy “What If.”

You can check out the trailer or buy What If at FishFlix.com