Finding Father ChristmasChristmas is just around the corner which means cold weather, time with family, Christmas traditions, holiday vacations, Christmas music and of course, Christmas movies! A wonderful time to sit down, relax with your family and watch a Christmas flick that will make your heart warm and reassure you of the importance of this special time. This made me think of some of my favorite Christmas movies to watch. There are many Christmas movies available for the whole family to see and I have to say that Finding Father Christmas is definitely one of them and of course, one of my favorites. The film is based on Robin Jones Gunn’s book by the same name. Originally it premiered on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel in 2016. Starring in this Christmas movie is Erin Krakow, Niall Matter (you may recognize them both because of their roles in the successful Hallmark Channel series, When Calls the Heart) and Wendie Malick.

Before I go into the movie, first I want to mention what’s it about. The Christmas movie Finding Father Christmas is about Miranda, a young woman who was raised by her mother but left orphaned at a very young age at Christmas. Instead of being a joyous time now this special holiday is a heartbreaking reminder of her mother. A few days before Christmas, Miranda finds a clue that will reveal the truth and identity of her father. Throughout that journey she meets Ian who helps her in the most important search of her life.

The film takes us to the time where young Miranda would accompany her mother, an actress, to the theater and would watch her play a role in the famous Christmas play A Christmas Carol. Young Miranda would recite the lines from backstage by memory as her mother was on stage until one night her mother’s voice no longer was heard. Now in the present day, Miranda is very hardworking and never takes time off especially during the Holiday season due to the sad memories it brings. Suddenly she receives a suitcase that belonged to her mother and soon discovers the treasures it had on the inside. She finds a picture and location that is probably connected to the father she never knew. Miranda decides to take a few days off (for the first time in a very long time) and visit the location set in the picture she found, Carlton Heath, Vermont. Hoping to know who’s the person in the picture and solve the mystery of her father’s identity.

Upon her arrival in Carlton Heath she meets the owners of the small inn she’s staying at and their son, Ian, who Miranda confides in as he helps her in her search. The reason of her visit to Carlton Heath had to remain a secret since she didn’t want to cause hurt to anyone. During her visit Miranda discovers additional clues and learns about how her mother and father first met. To her surprise, the town’s small theater was named after her father. Since she had not gone in a theater since her mother’s passing, knowing that her father had a part in Carlton Heath’s theater made it special for her. As Miranda’s investigation was almost resolved, the Christmas play A Christmas Carol was about to be held in the town’s theater on which she helped Ian get ready for as he was playing the part of Scrooge. Miranda had arrived in Carlton Heath thinking she didn’t have family and at the end, she discovers she had a new family to get to know and love.

One of the things that I love about this Christmas movie is that it’s a story of self-discovery. Of finding where one comes from and attaining that feel of being home, of belonging. Also one of the interesting things about Finding Father Christmas is that even though there’s a love story, it’s not the whole story. There’s something much deeper, real and human. It also shows viewers that forgiveness can be received and given, no matter what time has passed. That it’s never too late to receive or “gift” it. Erin Krakow’s performance is sincere and heartfelt. The whole cast did a wonderful job in portraying such relatable characters.

I completely recommend this beautiful story and you can find the Finding Father Christmas DVD RIGHT NOW for $9.99.

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