Have you seen any of the Kendrick Brothers’ films? Fireproof? Courageous? Facing the Giants? Flywheel?

Well their fifth movie War Room comes out in theaters August 28, and folks around the Christian film industry are slowly getting opportunities to screen the film.

I was one of those fortunate few at the National Religious Broadcasters convention a couple of weeks ago, and boy do I feel privileged.

War Room, is the story of a family that is very near crisis and nobody knows it. Tony, a successful salesman is a also a father and husband. As he’s climbed to ladder of success, he has found himself morally compromised in ways that would surprise everyone in his life.

Elizabeth, played by Christian Author Priscilla Shirer, Tony’s wife, has become bitter and resentful of Tony’s success and all that comes with it – knowing that they would be hopeless without his huge salary, but unhappy with the man it has made him into. She has tried to control her situation and control her man – it’s not working.

At the center of the “war” that’s brewing is a little girl whose emotions and responses to life in the Jordan home are the proverbial canary in the mineshaft. She is growing up in a home with EVERYTHING – everything except the love, support and care that she craves from her mom and dad.

As this is all coming to a head, Elizabeth is confronted with the life of a woman who she can’t help but admire. Miss Clara has a spiritual strength and confidence in her relationship with God cannot be blown off or ignored. Elizabeth isn’t looking for a mentor, but she finds one in Miss Clara.

War Room is the story of what happens when a praying woman of God does the fighting on her knees. You’ll love this story of redemption and you’ll find yourself challenged to be a man or woman of prayer as you are reminded of how God desires to move in his peoples’ lives if they’ll fervently call out to him in prayer.

If you haven’t seen the other Kendrick Brothers films, you should check them out here. The War Room.