War Room - DVD Image This Christian movie is quite special and very impactful. Plus the lesson that is instilled throughout the movie is one extremely important to have in our own lives. War Room is a production led by the Kendrick brothers who have produced other successful films like Courageous and Fireproof. It is mentioned in War Room that for as long as humanity’s been on the earth there’s been some kind of war. People have been fighting for different things and because of different ways of viewing life and thinking. Countries have been doing this and so have individuals throughout history. Miss Clara (played by Karen Abercrombie), one of the main characters of this story, is very clear in saying that some of us don’t know how to fight correctly. That people often fight each other but don’t recognize the real enemy, the spiritual enemy. To defeat him and find his strategy one must ask for the Lord’s wisdom in our own war room.

War Room is about a family whose perfect façade is what everyone sees but inside conflict is everywhere. But when Miss Clara, an older and wiser woman comes in, they look for fixing those problems.

We meet Elizabeth Jordan (played by Priscilla Shirer), a real estate agent who in fact is very successful, she’s a mom to Danielle and wife to Tony. Right now she feels overwhelmed with everything going on in her life. Especially her strained relationship with her husband Tony. Now her husband works at a pharmaceutical company as a sales representative and he’s great at it. He engages with people and smiles his big smile which helps him land many deals. Because of this, he makes more money than his wife, something that he’s constantly reminding her of when she tries to help others with it. Tony doesn’t seem to like helping people who aren’t working as hard as he.
The couple continually bickers and their 10-year-old daughter Danielle is stuck in the middle of the conflict that has been going on for a while. All she wants is her parent’s attention and to know that they care for her, also she longs to see them together and not arguing like they always accustomed to do.

At one point in War Room, Elizabeth meets Clara, a woman in need of a real estate agent. Elizabeth begins getting to know Miss Clara while getting all the information she needed to sell her home and Clara shows love and care towards Elizabeth. A new friendship begins and Miss Clara starts to help Elizabeth about fighting the right enemy the correct way, in a war room.
Elizabeth begins to pray fervently for her husband and their relationship in her own war room.

Later on, Tony is caught in his troubles and is found stealing drug samples in his job. This is the wall he had to encounter to think about his life and give it back to Christ. For a while, he had begun taking drug samples home without his wife and his daughter knowing but know since he wanted to turn his life around he had to be honest and take them back although the risk of going to jail was present in his mind. He comes clean to his boss and because of his willingness to tell the truth, Tony’s boss chooses not to press charges. Elizabeth chooses to look at her husband in grace, continues to pray for him and changes the way she would interact with his flaws. That same grace she showed him is one of the things that continued Tony’s journey back to the Lord. At all of this Tony is amazed since he can’t believe his wife stayed through all of it
Now Tony is in search of bonding with his daughter and taking time to spend with her, including participating with her in a double Dutch competition. Elizabeth manages to sell Miss Clara’s home to a pastor who later discovers that the past owner had been praying in the closet. Later Tony is offered a job in the local community center as director. Even though he wasn’t going to win what he would’ve back in the pharmaceutical, he knew that with his winning and his wife’s, they would get along just fine.

War Room definitely highlights the importance and power of prayer. Sometimes we may tend to set it aside and not give it the importance it has but this movie is a great reminder of how essential it is in a Christian’s walk with Jesus.

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