Viewing DVDs which are appropriate and encouraging for my daughter is something that is incredibly important to me. Having them be perfect for the age of my children and entertaining for myself as well is an added bonus. As I recently watched Princess and the Pop Star, it certainly met all of these qualifications!

Princess and a Pop Star is a story about two young girls living in completely different situations and both of them are unhappy and wish for the opposite of what they have. Coincidently these two girls come across one another at a park and after learning that they have what each other want, they make a quick decision to switch lives, given that they were remarkably similar in appearance.

This adorable story goes on to show how one girl, Princess Poppyseed, can’t wait to be in the place of her absolute favorite pop star, Vanna Banana, and how Vanna Banana can’t wait to be amongst family and a farm as she steps in as Princess Poppyseed. At this point, neither of these girls realize that God has uniquely designed them and has given them the lives that He created for them specifically.

As Princess and the Pop Star goes on, you watch as each of the girls slowly begin to realize that the life they gave up was really the life that they desired. They were able to identify with who God designed them to be in the life they had originally been living.

Princess and the Pop Star is the perfect DVD for children of all ages. It shares a Godly message that the grass is not greener on the other side, rather we are living the lives that we are supposed to. ┬áThis message, as well as the example of the importance of family, are all given in a fun, silly, highly entertaining way. Included are songs that aren’t entirely related to the story, but are just a quick break from the story that will make you laugh. It’s a fun DVD to deliver a really important message to all ages!

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