Through Unstoppable, Kirk Cameron takes you on his personal journey to answer the question, why does God let bad things happen whenHe has the power to stop them? He parallels his journey alongside the journey of suffering that his close friends are going through as they say goodbye to their son whom they have lost to death at a very young age. This is a perfect example of why someone make ask that very question, why did God let their son die?

Kirk takes you back to the beginning- the very beginning. He starts with the book of Genesis and describes very vividly the events of the fall of man. As Kirk describes it audibly, periodically Unstoppable also uses dramatic role playing to visually put your mind and heart in the emotion of that moment. You watch as Eve decides to take a bite of the forbidden fruit and see the terrible consequences that are to follow. You see the separation of man and God, the shame and condemnation that man experiences and the sinful choices that man continues to make as Kirk’s journey includes the murder between Cain and Abel, God’s restoration through Noah and the ark and the undeniable truth that despite our sin, God never leaves us. He never takes a single thing from us that we need. His provision remains.

At this point in Unstoppable the question still remains, if God is so good, why do bad things
happen? And it is here that Kirk introduces Jesus. The Gospel is shared and the truth is revealed that God is in control and that we have no reason to doubt God’s plan for things and are secure in having complete faith in Him.

Admittedly I wasn’t totally following where Kirk was going with Unstoppable when I began to watch it, and would even say that I was turned off by the dramatic role playing at times. I felt like it was a distraction and due to it’s violence, would limit the audience to only adults or young adults. However, after the conclusion of his journey and all lose ends were tied, Unstoppable brought home a powerful, undeniable example of the truth in God, who He is and the faith we are called to have in Him, even when bad things happen. God is in control and God is Unstoppable.