Unbroken - DVD ImageThis Christian movie is definitely impactful and it’s one of those stories that inspire you. Unbroken is a movie you’ll probably need a tissue for as it takes us on Olympian Louis Zamperini’s journey after WWII. Well-known Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie produces and directs this emotional film.

Unbroken tells the story of Olympian Louis Zamperini who after a terrible plane crash in WWII, spends almost 50 days in a raft with two other crewmen right before he’s caught by Japanese soldiers and sent to a camp.

At the beginning of this Christian DVD, we meet Louie Zamperini, at this point in time he and his siblings along with their two non-English speaking Italian parents moved to California. For Louie, the move was a terrible thing. Now he’s in this new place, new environment where he looks different from everybody else and sounds different as well so he’s considered different, period, therefore he’s beaten up constantly. Here’s a skinny Italian kid who didn’t know how to defend himself but when his father teaches him how to box everything changes for Louie. Soon he begins beating up every kid who would make fun of him and those who didn’t, quite frankly. Apart from that Louie began stealing from different stores, his neighbors and he also began smoking behind his school. His mother is a very religious woman and seeing the change her son has made makes it very difficult for her. It’s in this moment that Louie’s brother Pete steps in and encourages him to channel all that energy into running. Running track soon began to be Louie’s passion and he was really good at it. So all through high school and college he kept on running and beating every record there was. In 1936 Louie from Unbroken decides to take his dream further and decides to try out for the United States Olympic team. He had to run the 5,000 meters in New York to qualify and indeed he makes the team. Till that point, Louie is the youngest man in U.S. history to just qualify. At the 1936 Olympics, Louie competed but obtained 8th place in the 5,000 meters although he tried his fastest run on that last lap. This last attempt to advance impresses Adolf Hitler who actually went to meet him personally.

Now in 1943 Louie from the Christian DVD Unbroken is fighting at WWII and the plane that he’s in is bombed by the Japanese and it is severely damaged. Basically, the plane lands in the middle of the ocean, therefore, Louie and some other surviving crew-members try to survive in two inflatable rafts. This is a really tough situation! A few days go by and these men encounter many things like storms, dangerous sea animals, rain, birds, and little food plus a search plane goes by above without seeing them. At almost 30 days at sea, the men grab the attention of a plane but it’s a Japanese plane which damages the rafts that they’re in. At the almost 50 day mark, some Japanese sailors capture Louie who is now a prisoner of the war and is taken to a dungeon. Soon he is taken to the mainland and sent to camp. Louie from the Christian movie Unbroken is sent to a camp named Ōmori in Tokyo and there he is treated terribly especially by leader Watanabe since he knows of Louie’s Olympian status and the fact that he’s an American soldier. At one point in this Christian DVD, Louie is told to send a video with an anti-America propaganda message but he refuses to do it. But this comes with a punishment from Watanabe as Louie is sent back to camp.

Unbroken - DVD Image

Later on, it’s been two years since Louie from Unbroken has been in this specific camp in Tokyo and soon it is heard that Watanabe has been promoted and leaves camp. Then because of the camp being damaged by American forces, Louie and the rest of the people there have to be transferred to another camp. To Louie’s surprise, Watanabe is in charge of that camp now. Terrible! Louie suffers many other trials and tribulations while being in this new camp.

If you’d like to know what happens next to Louie from Unbroken and if he gets to survive until the war is over be sure to purchase this incredible story at the Fishflix store!

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