Cloud Ten Pictures, producers of the Left Behind Series, Saving God and many Christian favorites, now presents Treasure Blind, an award winning family film available on DVD.This film was written and directed by Brian Shoop who also stars as Cliff.The story is about Cliff, a cab driver and amateur treasure hunter from Tulsa, Oklahoma who finds the meaning of “real” treasure. This is an exciting adventure to find treasure and repair past relationships.

Cliff Edwards (Brian Shoop) is struggling with past due bills and the threat of being evicted from his home.When he finds a treasure map hidden in an old chest in a resale shop, he is desperate to find the treasure.The film gives viewers a glimpse back to 1863, during Civil War times to show how this map finds its way to the resale shop. Unexpectedly a woman shows up at Cliff’s door explaining that his son, Jack (Dr. Joseph Shoop), is missing after hurricane Katrina.Cliff is confused because he has never seen his son and did not even know his name.The woman also tells him that she must leave his grandson, Henry (Daniel Brookshire), who is blind.Jack shows up in Tulsa, followed by casino loan shark goons that he owes $17,000.The three set off to decode the treasure map, find the treasure to pay off Jack’s debt, and protect Henry.

The cast, which is mainly church volunteers, are very convincing.Brian Shoop is an experienced actor, acting in movies like The Rookie and Infamous. Making his acting debut, Dr. Joseph Shoop plays Jack Edwards.Daniel Brookshire, which plays Henry, gives an outstanding performance and viewers will fall in love with his sweet personality.

Treasure Blind is a great family night movie. It has received the Dove Family Approved seal and audiences of all ages will enjoy this film. For more about the movie, go to The DVD includes special features like interviews with the cast and deleted scenes. The movie can be purchased at