Torchlighters: The William Tyndale Story - DVD ImageI love the Torchlighters series for kids and what it means. They’re taking normal people who did extraordinary things in their generation who defended what was right and what they believed in, for example their faith. I think it’s super important for children to have examples of people who changed their surroundings and made an impact in that moment in time.

Torchlighters: The William Tyndale Story tells the story of William Tyndale and how in King Henry VIII’s reign, he was one of England’s most wanted men. William had translated the Bible to English so regular people could read it but he did this against the King and church.

William Tyndale from this Christian DVD was very intelligent and knew how to fluently speak more than 5 languages other than his native English language, like Spanish, Greek, Hebrew and others. He was good in school and was considered very disciplined therefore he was sure to take on different roles in the church but soon that begins to change. By this time Tyndale from the Christian DVD Torchlighters: The William Tyndale Story had an encounter with the Greek version of the New Testament and his life was forever changed. He continued to study the Word of God and immediately came to the realization that everybody should have the opportunity to read God’s Word in their native language. He was sure of it so later on, William heads to London to get permission from the bishop to translate the Bible to the English language.

The petition William Tyndale had now in the Christian DVD Torchlighters: The William Tyndale Story was not greatly received. His petition was in fact rejected and was thrown out immediately. This came as a shock to Tyndale as he thought the bishop would’ve been more open minded so in that moment he knew he had to choose another European continent to work in. He visited many places like Hamburg, Cologne and he wasn’t accepted in none of those places until later staying in the Lutheran city of Worms. There is where Tyndale made his first translation of the New Testament from Greek to English. Soon his translations were being smuggled into the country of England where he was rejected beforehand.

Of course William’s translation was rejected by the English clergy and soon he would be condemned by the bishop AND the King. The church of England bought many copies of Tyndale’s translation and burned them to make a point and stop these copies from spreading. By this time William had already moved to Antwerp avoiding arrest and then it’s when he decides to translate the Old Testament. Tyndale from Torchlighters: The William Tyndale Story spent almost 10 years in hiding but soon is betrayed from a friend Henry Phillips and is captured by the King. He is transferred to prison and a year later is declared a heretic and dies for the cause.

Even though as shown in this Christian DVD Tyndale had to suffer greatly for his faith and gave his life for it, his legacy was just beginning. Before dying his prayer was that the King of England’s eyes would be opened to what was right. After two years of William Tyndale’s death, finally, King Henry VIII authorized for Tyndale’s translation to be used in the church. Amazing, right? Tyndale’s version was the first ever English Bible drawn from the Greek language and the first English Bible to be available in print. The Reformation was coming close to an end and this English translation was a major part of that. The King James Version that we know of now, by that time was drawn heavily from Tyndale’s version.

This simple man, William Tyndale from Torchlighters: The William Tyndale Story, had enough faith to become change. He risked it all for the people of England and furthermore changing the story. Children will be inspired by William’s courageous spirit and to be sure of their conviction. It’s also a great reminder that God’s Word is for everyone, a gift from God to humankind. He truly exemplified what it meant to be a man of true faith and did not let anyone, even the King of England, to change his mind.

If you’d like to know more about this impactful animated story be sure to purchase the Christian DVD Torchlighters: The William Tyndale Story at the Fishflix store.

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