I was shocked to discover that “To Save a Life”, a movie involving the life issues of teenagers, could cause so much emotion out of me! In all sincerity I laughed, I cried and most importantly I was convicted of the life of faith that I live and how each of us can really be used by God in the lives of others.

“To Save a Life” introduces how high school students can have completely different high school experiences, issues and trials. Jake, an attractive, popular basketball star who thinks he has it all, and Roger, a quiet disabled teen who thinks that he doesn’t have anything. The only thing they shared was a childhood friendship that ended once high school started, and the absence of knowing who God is and the purpose he has for them.

Jake’s life is shaken when Roger decides to take his own. Things like popularity, a beautiful girlfriend and a basketball scholarship begin to look less valuable in comparison to life, and the life of his former friend which had now been lost. Jake couldn’t help but feel that it could have gone a different way and that he could have been a different person in Roger’s life than an absent friend.

After being approached by the Pastor who had a brief introduction to Roger, Jake decided to go to the church youth group. After a few visits to the church, Jake began to realize that there was more purpose to life than drinking games and girlfriends. He saw that people needed each other and that each of them needed God.

Torn with this new realization and being caught in between friends and a girlfriend who didn’t understand this and a group of friends who he thought did, he couldn’t help but follow his heart and walk away from his sinful life and follow God’s lead.

Watch “To Save a Life” to see how Jake’s decision to follow the Lord came with hardships, new friendships, and tough decisions. Watch as Jake is able to be the friend to Roger that Roger needed him to be even after his death. As Jake learns and grows, you too will learn and be reminded about what being a Christian is all about. My favorite quote of the movie, in reference of his new found faith- “What’s the point of all this if you’re not going to let this change you”.