I know Dana reviewed To Save a Life Here and Priscilla wrote about it Here, but I (Jake) wanted to weigh in as well.  I know I’m late to the party, but I have to say a few things about this film that I loved.

To Save A life Scuicide sceneI found To Save a Life to be one of the most real, most hard-hitting and believable Christian movies I’ve seen.  To Save A Life is a movie that takes place in the main character Jake’s senior year of High School.  He’s the star of the basketball team, a popular partier and his girlfriend is the envy of all his friends, but a deadly tragedy happens close to home that causes him to question the value of all the things he’s worked for… especially in light of the fact that there are hurting kids with devastating life issues all around him.  The place we see the Lord’s hand in this film is in the influence of a youth pastor who gets to know Jake.  The key tragedy of the film connects these tow men and the youth pastor leads Jake to the Lord.  To Save A Life is the story of what happens when Jake starts moving his life in a more Godward direction.

There are certain things about this film that   I felt were so powerful. The main characters (except the pastor and a few of the teens) are all sinners that don’t know Jesus.  The film portrays high school rebellion and sin in a way that is real and believable, without glorifying the sins portrayed (pot smoking, reckless alcohol use, teen sex, gossip, back stabbing, etc.)  At the same time though, the producers choose NOT to portray the Church as a perfect place where nothing bad happens.  They youth group in the film has Christian posers from Christian families, major dysfunction, a youth pastor who doesn’t claim to
have all the answers, and church politics that lead spiritual leaders to make bad, harmful choices.  When these two worlds collide though, God works.

God uses the flawed youth pastor of a flawed youth group to reach Jake.

To Save A Life is a great story of God’s work in the sinful webs that our lives weave.  In the end, everything is still sticky . Everything doesn’t magically get better when the main character becomes a Christian, but it’s clear that God is at work, and that’s what I loved about To Save a Life.

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