Not so long ago, the only materials that would pass as “Christian media” available to the world were cassette tapes of ministers preaching and tracts that took a reader from Genesis to Revelation in 3 short steps (or something like that). Of course, we can’t disregard the Christian books that have been written and spread out around the world.

Thankfully, Christian media has been undergoing a thorough metamorphosis. The same Christian faith has come to be represented in a plethora of new formats. At the forefront of these have been the various Family movies and Christian DVDs that have been produced. These films span several genres such as drama, family, romance, fitness, action/sports, Biblical movies and beyond.

These Christian movies aim to inspire and entertain their viewers in an uplifting and God-glorifying way. They dive head first into the realities of brokenness. But they don’t stay there. The common denominator of all Christian media, be it a gospel tract or the newest Christian and family-friendly movies, is the redemption available to all humanity through Jesus Christ.

We’ve taken a look at some of the top Christian Movie productions of 2013  and have shared them with You in case you’d like to put down that cassette tape and pick up a DVD/Blu-ray with the same message.

10. The Mark

9. The Mark 2

8. Meant To Be

7. The Encounter

6. The Encounter 2

5. Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea

4. Revelation Road

3. Revelation Road 2

2. Home Run

1. The Bible Miniseries