Time Changer wrestles with a major ethical question in a way that is entertaining, challenging and accessible to the average Christian. The question; is moral behavior alone good, without a connection to the authority of the Lord Jesus? What do you think?

Time Changer takes place in 1890. A seminary professor named Dr Carlisle (D.David Morin) is about to publish a book outlining how Christians can and should encourage moral behavior in society. A fellow professor, Dr Anderson, challenges his work by contending that moral behavior without the authority of Christ will lead to the moral decay of society. Dr Anderson has this insight because he has secretly traveled to the future and has seen a society that is guided by so-called moral teachings, but has departed from the way of Christ he convinces Dr Carlisle to visit the future and see what he means.

The futuristic amoral society that Dr Carlisle visits is modern-day America. As this cultural dinosaur navigates through today’s society, he encounters many humorous situations, and more importantly many instances where his insight challenges the common practices and worldly behavior of today’s Christians. I found myself questioning my own behavior at times throughout the movie.

In the end, the big question Dr Carisle must wrestle with is whether the moral behavior of an unbeliever is of any avail without a genuine relationship to Jesus as Lord. As a Christian man living in a society where 99% of my neighbors practice a religion other than Christianity, I have wrestled with this question myself. I see the moral and immoral behavior of those who don’t know Him and wonder if the behavior of the “good” person is more pleasing to God than the “bad” behavior of others. I’ve landed in the same place with Dr Anderson on this question. If someone fills their life with “godly” behavior, but doesn’t personally know God, this behavior simply serves to confuse them about their own need for a savior. A self-righteous person is more prone to believe that they can make themselves holy and is less likely to see their need for a savior.

Ultimately, we’re all in need of the blood of Christ to cover our sins. There’s nothing we can do by moral behavior to change that need. Time Changer illustrates this beautifully, it also entertains and presents the gospel clearly.

Time Changer is a Rich Christiano film starring D.David Morin, Gavin MacLeod, Hal Linden, Jenifer O’Neill and Paul Rodriguez. Rated PG.

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