This is our time - DVD ImagePureFlix has had some pretty great films through the years since it’s founding, for example, God’s Not Dead movies, The Case for Christ, I’m Not Ashamed and others. This is our Time comes from the same production company and some of the actors gracing the screen have participated in other faith-based films as well.

The Christian movie This is our Time presents five friends named Luke, Alexandria, Ethan, Catherine, and Ryder, and they’ve formed a great friendship shared by their faith. They’ve graduated and now they’ve gone along to make an impact on the world for God. They all have high expectations and they plan to fulfill the calling that God has for each of them.

Graduating from college is a huge milestone and the day is filled with such hope and dreams but it’s also a day that starts the real challenge. After this day, you’ll find some opportunities and there are some really important decisions to make as you enter the “real world”. Questions of what will you do, where will you work, how long will it take for you to land a dream job, enter your mind. There are so many possibilities but the pressure is on as the choices you make will probably affect the rest of your life. Kind of terrifying, right?

The Christian movie This is our Time tells the story of these five friends who are graduating and must make these decisions. They all share the same faith in the Lord and after they graduate, that same faith is what impulses them to make decisions in how to impact their surroundings for God. They’re young and filled with hope and motivation so they’re excited to start the path that will lead them to their one true purpose. Soon they find out that life doesn’t always go as planned and that sometimes God has other plans.

Alexandria and Luke from the Christian movie This is our Time get married after graduating and after feeling God calling them to the missions, they both decide to head to India and work and minister to the orphans there. Even though they think they’re following God’s calling for them, something terrible occurs in India that shakes them to the core and puts their faith in doubt. On the other hand, Ryder and Catherine find their dream jobs right after graduation. With how things are working out, it seems like they’re meant to be together but Ryder starts to pursue a relationship with a co-worker in his new job. Catherine was so sure that Ryder was the man that the Lord had for her but now she felt confused. Apart from this, Catherine is experiencing lots of pressure in her new job and causes her to become anxious as she also deals with her difficult boss. Should she confront him or leave it be? Now, Ethan, Alexandria’s brother, doesn’t know exactly which path to go. Originally he had thought of after graduation head to graduate school and he had done everything to apply. But he isn’t accepted to any of the programs he had applied for. Now he’s working at his father’s diner and all hopes of a bright future were starting to dim. Ethan begins to question God, as he always thought the Lord had great plans for him. Had God really left him at such an important moment in his life?

This is our time - DVD Image
The group of friends is set on that this is their moment and that it’s their responsibility to make this big decision. But when their current situations become too strong they are led to think about how maybe the weight of their decisions was supposed to be in the hands of their Lord. This group is reminded of how they have to run to God to find peace during the stressful times of decision-making. Things occur that these characters from this Christian DVD learn that time is in God’s hands, the one who actually created time. Also, they are reminded to find wisdom. The wisdom that is available to us if we ask for it. What will help them be in peace to trust God and let Him lead them to where he wants them to be. To be patient as to when is their time to move forward.

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