Have you heard about The Widow’s Might? It’s an independent Christian film that has gathered quite a bit of buzz since it was completed last year and has just been released to DVD this week. I’ve wanted to watch The Widow’s Might since January when it won the “Best of Festival” audience choice award at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. I watched it last week in anticipation of its release to DVD. I was not disappointed.

The Widow’s Might is the story of two aspiring filmmakers whose main vehicle of expression is the production of short films for a local filmmaker’s competition. Although the filmmakers have experienced measurable success, they’ve hungered for a project with more purpose. They find that purpose in local politics when they learn of a widowed woman in their community who is being forced from her home because of a city expansion project. In response, they craft a western musical that will not only compete well in the competition but also cry out to the community on the widow’s behalf.

As the young filmmakers create their film over the course of the movie, the viewer gets an up-close look at what goes on in the making of an amateur film, and what goes on in the making of a great filmmaker. In this sense, the film is autobiographical, as the lead actor, John Moore, is also the producer, director and screenplay writer. As the viewer, we see the lead character raised in a supportive environment, struggling to make a film that is true to his conscience, and living with the stress of both getting the film right and being in charge of a project that involves many passionate participants. In many ways, this is a film about film-making, and it’s a unique inside look.

In the end, the viewer is both entertained and inspired to take up righteous causes with righteous means. I want to underscore that The Widow’s Might is truly entertaining. I laughed, I was engaged, I teared up, I wished I’d watched it with my wife, I really liked the film. Often, Christian films can be so heavy on message that they forget to entertain. No so with the Widow’s might.

Despite its self-conscious stance as an independent film made by young amateur filmmakers, The Widow’s Might is one of the best produced, best acted Christian films I’ve seen since I took this job with FamilyChristianMovies.com. The Widow’s Might is clever, entertaining, funny, serious, inspiring and weighty at different times and it is produced at a high level of excellence

The Widow’s Might was just re-released to DVD on Sept 22. You can buy it here at FamilyChristianMovies.com