Recently I was able to watch The Wager and was happy to watch such a good quality, well written movie with great acting and applicable lessons.

The Wager covers the issues that people may have in making difficult choices, the risk that they may feel they are taking in making one decision over another.  Michael Steel, played by Randy Travis, is an actor who has been nominated for Best Actor. It begins with him filming a movie and things appear to be on track for him until a destructive series of events occur one after another, leaving him in a position where it appears that he has lost everything and the only way to recover is to either follow the script of Hollywood or listen to the signs and direction of God.

While watching The Wager I found myself sympathizing with Michael Steel as he is falsely accused of infidelity and sexual abuse and his life truly begins to spin out of control. I wanted nothing more than for the paparazzi to be exposed for their lies and for his life to be restored. But the greatest truth revealed is that none of us are in control of what God has planned for our lives. As is shown in this DVD, God reveals Himself in many ways and it is up to us to trust that following God is no wager at all.

The Wager is a heart aching story that ends with your heart and perspective changing direction. It was great to see famous actors and singers such as Randy Travis and Candace Cameron Brue be a part of such a great Christian message, which shows that it is a great movie to watch with others to see an example of how God is at work in the lives of all who trust in Him, from Hollywood to  our very own home.