The Visual Bible 3 DVD Set - DvD imageDuring Easter week it’s always great to reflect on what the true meaning of the week is. To think about Jesus’ sacrifice to give life to humanity, a huge act of love. The story of Jesus’ ministry, crucifixion and resurrection can be found in the New Testament.

The Visual Bible 3 DVD Set takes you on a journey through some of the most iconic books from the Bible’s New Testament, The Gospel of Matthew, The Gospel of John and the Acts. Visually telling the stories of Jesus’ walk through earth but also what occurs when he goes back to heaven and the apostles are suddenly without their teacher. Focusing on the legacy and lessons Jesus’ left and the apostles’ ministry that was even stronger when He left.
One of the things that I love about this Christian DVD is that each book is dramatized therefore we get a visual glimpse throughout the experience of Jesus’ life, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension to the heavens. The Visual Bible 3 DVD Set is a great way to help you understand the Bible a bit better and comprehend Jesus’ message and sacrifice.

Like I mentioned before, The Visual Bible 3 DVD Set focuses on three books from the New Testament, Matthew, John and Acts of the Apostles.
First, in the Matthew DVD, it shows us Matthew’s outlook on Jesus and the experiences he lived while following Jesus, listening to His teachings and witnessing His miraculous events. Visually here you’ll see full accurate a description of Jesus’ life. Where it begins with his memorable and unique birth, later on, we see Jesus as a boy. After he begins with more details about Jesus’ ministry and sermons like for example the Sermon on the Mount. Basically, this Christian DVD shows the amazing and powerful messages from Jesus and the incredible miracles he performed. This specific visual representation of Matthew concludes with the arrest of Jesus and his brutal crucifixion at the cross. Here it is clearly shown the greatness of His love towards those who were against him and for all of us. Later on, this story has an uplifting ending as we get to see Jesus’ resurrection from the grave visually represented. This does not end here though, Jesus has a special job for his disciples. Jesus offers the last message to his disciples and that’s where they hear the Great Commission. A message of encouragement for them to preach His word and let His name be known to all the world.

The next book from the Bible The Visual Bible 3 DVD Set focuses on is the book of John. Here we have a different perspective than the one we saw about the book of Matthew. Visually it has more of a poetic look since the book of John is quite known for that. It’s great to watch this one after the other since it’s a good way to compare and contrast these two special books and it’s visual representations shown in this Christian DVD.
The third DVD of the Christian movie The Visual Bible 3 DVD Set we have the book of Acts of the Apostles. This Christian DVD is focused on what happens next after Jesus ascends back to Heaven. It is shown how Jesus speaks to his disciples about the Great Commission and they dive into that work that Jesus appointed them. So at this moment, the disciples decided to not go back to their ordinary lives but to do everything they could to deliver the message of the Lord to everyone. Many impactful stories of the book of Acts are shown in this Christian DVD as it takes you on each one of them. For example when the apostles receive the Holy Spirit just when Jesus told them they would, the development of the early church, baptisms, and Stephen, who is considered the first martyr to die for the cause of Christ. Soon the disciples have taken Jesus’ message of salvation to many parts of the world. Apart from the disciples’ stories, we are also shown the powerful story of Saul/Paul who would, later on, become to be one of the most important leaders of that time.

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