In 2007, The Ultimate Gift – based on the best-selling book by Jim Stovall was released staring James Garner as the deceased grandfather (Red Stevens) and Drew Fuller as the spoiled trust fund baby.  In a series of 12 assignments, Fuller’s character Jason is required to find the true meaning of life – the Ultimate Gift.

The Ultimate Gift has long been heralded as a family favorite among Christian Audiences, who are notably excited about the release of “The Ultimate Life” – the prequel to The Ultimate Gift.

When Jason hits rock bottom in his new life; he turns once again to the legacy of his deceased grandfather Red.  The Ultimate Life follows the life of Red Stevens as he learns lessons the hard way that led to his ultimate success in life.

Directed by Michael Landon Jr. and produced by Rick Eldridge, The Ultimate Life has garnered praise from  big name members of the Christian world such as Dave Ramsey; who said “”I thoroughly enjoyed the story in THE ULTIMATE LIFE. The movie is an entertaining and powerful example of what it means to pass down a healthy legacy to the next generation.”

The Ultimate Life will be available on DVD December 10, 2013