The Ultimate Life - DVD ImageThis Christian movie is the second film from The Ultimate Gift film series which began in 2007 with the movie that started it all, The Ultimate Gift. Approximately six years have passed since the making of the first movie, therefore, this time around there are some changes in some of the actors but the majority of them are the same that appeared in the previous film. This to me is a testament to what these movies mean to people, the quality of the story and it was a good project that the actors wanted to come in and do it again.

The Ultimate Life is about Jason Stevens, a billionaire who even though has the best of intentions, can’t seem to find a way to set his priorities. He then re-analyses his life when he finds and begins reading his grandfather’s journal.

To give a little recap of what happened in The Ultimate Gift, the first movie before this one, we immediately learn about Red Stevens, a deceased former oilman who had a billion-dollar trust fund but needed someone to leave it to. He wanted someone who would know how to manage such a large amount of money plus be worthy of this inheritance. His grandson Jason Stevens is the lucky guy but before obtaining this fortune, he had to pass different character-driven tests managed by Red’s friend, Ted Hamilton. In this self-discovery journey, Jason meets and falls in love with Alexia. Turns out that Alexia had a daughter stricken by the horrible disease of cancer.

Now in The Ultimate Life, three years have passed since what we saw in the first film. Jason (played by Logan Bartholomew) and Alexia (played by Ali Hilis) are in a serious relationship and have developed a strong bond since little Emily’s passing. Alexia has hopes that a proposal will come very soon and in Jason’s head it will happen soon but he can’t seem to find the time to do it since he’s so busy with different responsibilities in his foundation. Since the proposal has not come, Alexia feels a strong conviction to go to Haiti and realize nursing jobs there. When he’s about to gather the courage to ask Alexia to marry him, he is served with legal papers. Jason is notified that his main role in the foundation is being challenged by Red’s son, Billy, who thinks his father made a mistake not considering him as a rightful heir. Right after this, Alexia makes the decision and heads to Haiti.

The Ultimate Life - DVD Image

Jason is shocked by Alexia’s decision to leave so he goes to Ted Hamilton (played by Bill Cobbs), his grandfather’s lifelong friend for guidance. Ted hands Jason Red’s old journal and mentions that maybe how to respond to what is currently occurring in his relationship can be found in the journal. Jason begins to read the journal and dives into his grandfather Red Stevens’ backstory as a young 15-year-old in the 1940’s living in Louisiana.
We see that Red has a real determination to have the same fate of his father and live an impoverished life. After reading an article about Andrew Carnegie, Red knows he wants to be a billionaire when he becomes of age. The journal explains to Jason how year after year Red managed to make his dream come true but also its pitfalls. How Red’s ambition to get more money began to affect his relationship with his wife, Hanna, and kids.
It’s not when tragedy strikes Red that he begins to realize that the money is not what’s important and that he’s invested so much in a “legacy” that wasn’t important. This makes Jason re-evaluate his own situation and impulses him to be better.

One of the things I find interesting about The Ultimate Life is that it’s a sequel to the first film, The Ultimate Gift but it’s also a prequel to that same first film as well. It lets you know how Jason’s life is in the present but as he reads his grandfather Red’s journal we go back when Red was younger and learn about his story as well.

This story is one for all of us to learn from and be reminded of the real important things in life, relationships and investing in our families, friends, and people in general.
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