The Ultimate Legacy - DVD ImageThis Christian movie is the third and final movie of the Ultimate Gift series. The first film The Ultimate Gift was released in 2006 and the second film The Ultimate Life was released in 2013. One of the things that I love about this movie series is that the majority of the characters remained during the three films which in fact is sometimes hard to see that in movies.
In the previous Christian movie The Ultimate Life, we the audience went back in time to have a glimpse of the life of Red, Jason Steven’s grandfather. Now in this third installment The Ultimate Legacy, we return to present. Now Jason Stevens has matured and is quite remarkable. He married Alexia and they have a little girl named Chloe. Jason is still the owner of his grandfather’s foundation and continues doing a lot of philanthropic work. But Jason comes to the realization that he needs to teach what he has learned to someone.

In general, The Ultimate Legacy is about a self-centered man who is challenged to change his egotistic ways in order to receive an inheritance left by his grandmother.

In this Christian movie, we meet Joey Anderson (played by Myko Olivier). He’s always been used to getting what he pleased and he’s also been used to using credit cards with his grandmother’s money to get himself whatever he wanted. But suddenly his grandmother, Miss Sally, passes away and he is told to go back to his grandmother’s estate Anderson House and wait for his inheritance. The will Miss Sally had left is read to Joey and it is said that he has to stay in Anderson House for a year. He has to fulfill 12 tasks, which are the same ones Jason had to accomplish in The Ultimate Gift. He has to accomplish these before he can receive any money or the inheritance his grandmother had left him. This doesn’t sound like a good idea or a good agreement to him so he declines immediately. Later in The Ultimate Legacy, Joey finds out that his credit cards are canceled and he suddenly realizes that he doesn’t have any money, and not a thing to his name. Joey doesn’t know what to do next, he’s trapped in the situation so he decides to agree to the terms said in the will, he really doesn’t have any other choice. In his head he plans to try and do the work being asked of him, finish and get out of there as quickly as he can.

The Ultimate Legacy - DVD Image

We see how Joey tackles each task. First, he has to build a garden in memory of his late grandmother but he is anything but glad as he is quite reluctant in completing the job. Jason Stevens (played by Logan Bartholomew) approaches Joey as a mentor and starts to help the young man as he contributes his ideas for the project Joey is tackling. Soon Joey finishes that first project and the end result is quite beautiful, a great way to honor Sally’s memory. Later on in the Christian movie The Ultimate Legacy, Joey has to organize a concert benefit for veterans, while organizing this, he learns about helping others plus he starts to confront some not fond memories from his past. It’s then when we realize that Joey’s mom passed away when he was only a little boy. This had affected his father greatly, and now the man felt alone and life seems impossible to bear so he took his own life. This made Joey feel like nobody loved him and that he wasn’t of need to anyone. Therefore these horrible memories affected him and contributed to the person he had become. A spoiled person who didn’t care for others basically, only himself. Joey continues to accomplish each task given to him and soon he focuses more on working to help others than working to get the money. Soon in The Ultimate Legacy he truly learns how to use his funds wisely and helps do good for many people along the way. Not only does he finds important lessons to learn but he also finds love as well with his attorney, Kelly.

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