The perfect family DVD for the Holidays or any time of year!

The Ultimate Gift has now become one of my favorite DVDs, and I fear that this blog post won’t do it justice! I was so moved and taught by the lessons and characters within it, I hope that you can watch and enjoy it too!

The story started out a little slow, which surprised me since it had very talented actors such as James Garner and Abigail Breslin, but soon enough the story began to unravel and you couldn’t help but be captivated by not knowing what was going to happen and by being shocked by the life that the character Jason was living.

The Ultimate Gift is about a young man who comes from a family that has everything- that is, if you think money and luxury are everything. But after his Grandfather dies early in the movie, you see that his family really doesn’t have anything at all. They didn’t care that the Grandfather had died, all they cared about was how much he left them in his will!

To their amazement, he left each of them what they deserved- pretty much nothing. All of them except for Jason. For him, the grandson that he was supposed to be more like a father to, had been left with a bit of challenge- a scavenger hunt, that would ultimately lead him to the ultimate gift.

Jason didn’t know what the gift was, but assuming it was money, he agreed to the “scavenger hunt” that his Grandfather had left for him. What he also didn’t know was that unlike everything else in his life, he was going to have to work for the gift and it wasn’t going to come easy.

Once on the journey that his Grandfather, played by James Garner, is taking him on, he ends up with nothing. He is broke, homeless, and totally confused. In this state he meets a young girl, played by Abigail Breslin, and her Mother in a park. Little does he know that it is this encounter that will take him on the journey of the true meaning of life and the true value of money.

Watch and enjoy as Jason learns through the journey that money isn’t everything and it certainly is not something that you should identify yourself with. He also learns how to love someone, reach out to those in need and the gifts in life that we often ignore but have more value than a billion dollars.