If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the church, you’ve experienced what is perhaps the most humorous yet surprising event that happens whenever a church decides to have a picnic. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as quick of a switch as when I tried playing basketball with the leaders at my Sunday school. All of a sudden, this sweet old man named Terry introduced me to what a 64 year-old elbow looks like when I try to shoot a layup. Christian movies long to encapsulate the level of intensity that occurs when sports begin to occur.

Yes that’s right, Christians playing sports. As surprising as it may be when Pastor Harley starts dribbling toward the basket, sports are in fact an incredible opportunity to present truths about life. As my high school basketball coach put it, “[Sports] are a microcosm of life.”

And it’s true. Sports make plain the lessons that have often been slept-through when taught only on a chalkboard (or smart board, whatever the kids are using these days). Christian films about sports celebrate the lessons one can learn in the “microcosms of life” we experience each time a basketball is passed or a home run is scored.

We at Fishflix.com have put together a list of great Christian Sports Movies that you’re sure to enjoy.

Tim Tebow: Everything In Between

Home Run

Season of Miracles

The Mighty Macs

Breaking the Press

Reggie’s Prayer

The 5th Quarter

The Pistol

The Perfect Game

Milltown Pride

Forever Strong