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One of the aspects of this Christian film that I find so interesting is that it’s inspired by the books of Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes from the Bible. I also love that the story includes music which adds a new touch the story. Alan Powell originally from the Christian band Anthem Lights plays the lead character in this Christian movie.

The Song reflects the life and conflicts of a hopeful singer-songwriter whose song dedicated to his wife is the one that catapults him to fame.

Our lead character from The Song is called Jed King (played by Alan Powell). He wants to be a well-known singer and songwriter and is eagerly pursuing it. His father David King was a famous country singer in his time but by the end of his career, his reputation was tainted. So now Jed is struggling to find his own way in the industry and separating himself from his father’s shadow. But yes, the fact that he was David King’s son opened a few doors but this really means small gigs where no one really paid attention to the person singing.
His father’s former agent, Stan, basically pushes him towards another small gig, a vineyard harvest festival to be exact, so Jed agrees but already knows that it’ll probably be not that big a deal. He’ll just sing his set and get out. Jed begins his set and he notices that he’s connecting with the audience and by the end of his set list, his performance is considered a hit. He actually enjoyed himself. Jed also meets Rose, the daughter of the vineyard’s owner and he is immediately smitten by her. She has all the qualities he’s always looked for in a woman and she inspires him.
From that moment Jed and Rose continue to spend time with each other, grow in their romance and thereafter become engaged to be married.

The Song - DVD Image

The next day after their wedding night, Jed writes a song named “The Song” inspired by his now wife. He had spent all the hours of the early morning writing it and now it was time to play it for her. It was beautiful and sweet, it was the best song he had ever written. Jed’s song is produced and released to the masses and it was immediately well received. It became a quick hit sending Jed into superstardom and fame. Something he had been waiting for quite a while. Jed begins touring all over the country with adoring fans whilst having a growing family back home. This, of course, causes some strain between him and his wife as he’s almost never in their home. Doubt begins creeping up in Rose’s mind and questions of her husband’s whereabouts on those tour nights.

On tour, the manager presents Shelby Bale as the new opening act in Jed’s tour. Definitely, someone very different from Rose but Jed begins to spend an awful lot of time with her and is wrapped up in her beauty. She is definitely a temptation for him but eventually, he gives in to it. His life is a downward spiral at this point as he continues to give in to continuous temptations of women, alcohol, and drugs, therefore, affecting furthermore his relationship with his wife and family. Up to this point in The Song, Jed’s career is still going right but when he has an emotional breakdown on stage due to the stress of his career and guilt of all he has done, he loses his well-known fame. Now his life looked very similar to the one his dad lived close to the end of his career. He was trying to escape that shadow of his dad and now he was becoming like him. Jed’s life as he knew it has fallen apart and has it rock bottom. But he admits to the reality of his sins and feels he needs to apologize to everyone he hurt along the way. He is heartbroken by the way he had treated Rose and with an honest heart asks for forgiveness and seeks restoration. He knows that the only way to achieve change is to confess to God and ask for healing in the process.

The Song presents us many themes like forgiveness, sin, restoration, and others. Also, that fame can sometimes be a double-edged sword, and not always what’s it cracked up to be.

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