The Ride - DVD ImageRecently, evangelist Billy Graham, a man with a humble heart devoted to God, went to meet with His creator. His dedication to the Word and to speak to others about Jesus is an extraordinary example. Did you know that he contributed to some movies to be made? He joined forces with World Wide Pictures and made several movies with the message of salvation for all. The Ride is no exception.

The Christian movie The Ride is about Smokey Banks, a famous rodeo star who used to be at the top of his career but now has spiraled. Now he’s forced to change his way of living and finds himself in a ranch teaching a kid about riding bulls. At first Smokey’s frustrated and angry and is determined to survive and get through it but little does he know that his life is about to change drastically.

At the start of this Christian movie we meet Smokey Banks (played by Michael Biehn) who is a world-renown bull rider and has won many championships to prove that. He is living the good life. He would compete on top of a bull for a few seconds and the rest of his time was spent drinking and basically throwing away money. His life isn’t that complicated or hard therefore Smokey is quite content with the way his life is going. But soon he was going to experience a rude awakening but not by being on a bull. One day he is confronted by the law and Smokey Banks has a choice to make between two not so good options. He has to choose or spending some time in jail or spending a few months on a ranch and do community service. Both meant not gambling, not drinking or anything else. What did Smokey from the Christian DVD The Ride choose? Well service time at the ranch it is. All he has to do is stay clear of trouble and teach kids the art of bull riding.

Smokey from The Ride is told all the rules he must follow and he agrees but he really doesn’t have much enthusiasm to do so. He’s constantly in a terrible mood and is not cooperating very well, basically a horrible person to be around. Making him feel even worse is the fact that he has to follow what the kids and other people tell him to do. At this moment in this Christian DVD we meet Danny O’Neil (played by Brock Pierce). He’s fourteen years old with a head full of dreams as he himself wants to be a professional bull rider. He definitely looks up to Smokey and wants to be just like him. Immediately Danny is really looking forward to learning all the tricks Smokey has to offer but the man really doesn’t want anything to do with him. Danny begins praying to God that He help Smokey teach him how to bull ride. God begins working towards that and Smokey’s life is about to change forever.

Beforehand Smokey didn’t know what real unconditional love was. Through most of his career he had encountered people who always requested something before they did something for him so he really didn’t know what real love was. So when he arrives at Saguaro Ranch and meets Danny, he slowly but surely begins his journey towards that unconditional love. Even though Smokey is horrible and bitter towards this young man, Danny does not give up on his dream of bull riding and continues to love his mentor. Smokey from The Ride starts to really understand that Danny loves him because he is clear on what unconditional love is. Danny knows God loves him without condition therefore he can love others unconditionally as well just as he is loved.
By this Smokey also begins to know and understand God and His love for him. He discovers that in the end it’s not everything you’ve accomplished and what you haven’t been able to but how well you tried the ride.

This Christian movie is one that is set to inspire and challenge people to observe their own lives. To trust that God loves them unconditionally just like it’s shown in the movie between Danny and Smokey.
If you’d like to see how all of this pans out make sure to purchase The Ride at the fishflix store.

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