My wife and I watched the new release Christmas Movie, The Promise tonight with our 6-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter.

I was drawn to this movie , produced by Glorious Films, because a friend of a friend had said the following on Facebook:

“We just bought The Promise …and we love, love, love it! Anya sings gospel-truth throughout the day, repeating things she’s heard in that story. It’s so good!”

We had to check it out! We weren’t disappointed.

The story really traces the biblical account of Jesus’ birth – starting with setting the stage by showing how the Israelites were oppressed by the Romans and the Jewish People were so eagerly awaiting a messiah.

I felt that The Promise really did a good job of illustrating what it must have felt like, both for Mary and her family to realize that she was with child – and what Joseph must have been feeling when he realized that she was pregnant.

This animated children’s movie is almost 100% sung. The characters tell the story through beautiful songs. This may be annoying to some, but I found it endearing. I can see that if my kids really “get into” this movie, that they’d memorize some of the songs. The songs were a little “big-wordy” but the kids were easily able to follow the story. I don’t think I’d give this to a family where the kids don’t already know the story of the Nativity, because I think a lot would be lost.

All in all, I think this is a great product. We have it at a very good price right now for the holiday season, although it’s too late to get it in time for Christmas.

I think The Promise is perfect for children ages 4 -10, there is enough detail to really edify and entertain older kids in addition to just the young ones.  I finally have to mention that the depiction of the holy land in terms of topography and vegetation was beautiful for an animated movie.

The Promise is one of the good ones. Check it out here!