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Ever since I can remember music has been a huge part of my upbringing and life. To this day I have to listen to music every day more than once a day. It already is something that is definitely a part of me. This is where my love for movie musicals comes from. The combination of a good movie with songs to sing is perfect in my eyes. I remember watching The Prince of Egypt when I was younger and I was completely engaged with it. I was fascinated with how the story of Moses, a story that I’d listened to many times at home and in Sunday school, was shown in animation and how the songs added strength to the story. To this day out of all the animated musical films I’ve seen, The Prince of Egypt is definitely on my favorites list.

To give a little bit of a backstory about this Christian movie, The Prince of Egypt was released in 1998 by Dreamworks which it may seem as a surprise because even though it’s a company with a focus on animation, it’s not known for releasing films with a Christian background and story. The studio wanted to adapt the book of Exodus especially the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments. Those involved in the making of the movie to ensure accuracy to the Bible invited theologians and different Bible scholars to be a part of the project. This Christian movie took great lengths and soared. Actually one of the songs from its soundtrack got a nomination for “Best Original Song” in the 1999 Academy Awards and won. Normally when we think of animated musicals we think of Disney, who to this day have been extremely successful and are worldly known for their work. But The Prince of Egypt quickly became the most accomplished non-Disney animated film and to this day it remains so. It’s that good. Also this Christian movie has an A-list cast. Amazing, talented, well-known actors that lent their voices to bring these characters to life

The Prince of Egypt is about Moses who is raised in Egyptian royalty but later learns of his real identity and strives to accomplish his destiny to free his people and lead them out of Egypt. The movie begins with Moses’ mother, sister and brother discovering of Pharaoh’s order to kill all newborn Hebrew baby boys. And how Moses’ mother puts him in a basket in the Nile river. Later Moses is found by Egypt’s queen and is adopted into the royal family. Years later he is named Prince and has jurisdiction in the Egyptian temples. But when he encounters his long-lost brother and sister his true identity is revealed and confirmed to him, realizing that his people are slaves. After killing an Egyptian guard because of the horrible way he was treating a slave, Moses (played by Val Kilmer) ashamed leaves and flees to the desert. In the desert he meets Tzipporah and marries her. Later on Moses encounters the burning bush and God orders him to go back to Egypt and take his people out of there. God reassures him that he’ll always be with Moses, helping him with what to say. Now his Egyptian brother, Rameses (played by Ralph Fiennes), is Pharaoh.

Moses and his family head to Egypt and ask for the release of the Hebrew people. Pharaoh’s heart hardens even more and makes Moses’ people work even harder than before. The nine plagues are brought over Egypt and Pharaoh still remains strong that the Hebrew people will not leave. When the last plague arrives all the first-born children die, including Rameses son. He then lets the Hebrews leave but Moses is heartbroken of the pain that has been caused in Rameses. Then Moses leads the people towards the Red sea and then to Mount Sinai where the Ten Commandments are given to him.

The Prince of Egypt is amazingly done and sheds light to adults and children about the important, essential moments in Israel’s trek to be free. Apart from being a story from the Bible, this Christian movie is visually beautiful and the animation goes well with the feel of the movie. I love that apart from being fascinated by how its made and seeing the final product, I love how it encourages people to know more about this story and read more about it in the Bible.

If you love musicals and animated movies, this is 100% recommended to you. Check out The Prince of Egypt available right here in

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